Survey Says When it Comes to the ‘Religious Liberty’ Issue, Atheists/Agnostics Overwhelmingly Oppose Catholic Bishops

The Pew Research Center just published a survey (PDF) they did about Catholics and their views on religious liberty. First, let’s talk about the big findings: Most Catholics who are familiar with the “religious liberty” issues agree with the bishops: That is, they agree that the Obama administration is threatening their religious liberty by mandating [Read More...]

Christian Pastor Who Wrote a Hilarious Book About Dating Just Lost His Job. Guess Why?

In 1994, Pastor Jack Schaap wrote the greatest book *ever* on the subject of dating. Dating With A Purpose is free to read online and features such gems as these tips on how a girl can catch a guy’s eye: (3) By all means, keep your weight down to the proper level. Hundreds upon hundreds [Read More...]

But What If I Want *Two* Brownies?

Seen in Melbourne, Australia: Well played, RMIT Secular Society… but how dare you discriminate against me?! (via Reddit) [Read more...]

If You Oppose Marriage Equality, What Else Am I Supposed to Call You?

My friend (and I sincerely mean that even though we only know each other through the Interwebs) Rachel Held Evans is an LGBT-friendly, evolution-accepting Christian. So she’s in an obviously rough spot when it comes to maintaining ties with the Christian world — which, for reasons I can’t quite grasp, she still loves — while [Read More...]

How Important Is It to Have a Religion Reporter Covering the Atheist Movement?

Todd Stiefel, through the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, has made a huge difference in our movement. You could argue that his contribution helping make the Reason Rally a reality was his crowning achievement so far. Or you could make the case that his donation to the Secular Student Alliance allowing them to hire a staffer to [Read More...]