Even Vietnam Might Have Marriage Equality Before America Does

Vietnam, a country with a Communist government and where homosexuality was seen as a “social evil” only a few years ago, may consider legalizing same-sex marriage: “I think, as far as human rights are concerned, it’s time for us to look at the reality,” Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong said Tuesday in an online chat [Read More...]

Pennsylvania Pastor Charged for ‘Terrorism Raid’ in Church

Pennsylvania authorities just charged the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church and youth pastor Andrew D. Jordan with counts of “false imprisonment, a felony, and simple assault.” What the hell did they do to deserve that? They conducted a mock terror raid on unsuspecting teenagers in the church… to show them what some Christian missionaries [Read More...]

Church to Couple: We Can’t Let You Get Married Here Because You’re Black

Racism is still alive in Mississippi and a Baptist church is at the center of the controversy. Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson planned to get married at the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, a church they attend regularly (but aren’t members of), but at the last second, the church members said they couldn’t hold the [Read More...]

Creationist Wonders How Anyone Could Know the Age of the Earth Without Looking to Bible

This is Creationism in action. Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham is talking about the sad state of affairs in Christianity because even some professors at Christian schools accept evolution. (Cue gasps of horror.) So he tells this story of one such professor: In one interview, Dr. [Darrel] Falk is asked the question, “If a young [Read More...]

Updates on Church Vandalism

What a depressing topic to write about. 1) A church in Kingsway (Toronto) was vandalized Friday morning. It wasn’t tagged with an atheist symbols, but it was pretty bad: Police found a ripped-up Bible, paint splashes all around the two-level building and multiple fire extinguishers set off. Damage has been estimated to be upwards of [Read More...]