Why You Should Never “Just Have Faith” When It Comes to Religion

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how you should never “just have faith” when it comes to religion:

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Explain Why the Creation of the Universe and Life Really Aren’t All That Improbable

In the next video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty explains the Argument from Design — specifically, how the astronomical possibilities against the creation of the universe and life really aren’t all that improbable:

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Florida Judge Who Ran a Christian Ministry from the Courthouse Is Finally Kicked Out of Office

Judith Hawkins (below) was a county judge in Tallahassee, Florida who didn’t seem to care much about the law. That would explain why she used her government position to advance her religious ministry.

Hawkins is the founder of Gaza Road Ministries and she ran the company from the Leon County Courthouse. She also attempted to sell her ministry’s books to lawyers appearing in front of her. And it just got worse from there:

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Bill Maher Speaks About the Berkeley Controversy, Then Gets Berated by Panelist for His Comments About Islam

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher addressed the controversy at UC Berkeley in which he was invited as a commencement speaker, only to have students protest his invitation, calling him a “blatant bigot and racist.” (Berkeley officials said they would not rescind his invitation.)

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8th Grader Gets Biblical Literalist to Admit That When God Says Hell is Forever, He Doesn’t Really Mean It

Chad, the young atheist who has flummoxed a number of Christian debaters, has done it again.

The eighth grader asked Christian debater Dennis Marcellino whether he believed the Bible was literally true.

Marcellino said he did.

Chad followed that up by questioning Marcellino’s claim from earlier in the debate that Hell wasn’t really forever — doesn’t the Bible say it is?

Check out Marcellino’s mind-boggling response:

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