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Jason Torpy is a committed humanist and vegan. He graduated from West Point with a Bachelor of Science degree and from The Ohio State University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He served as a Captain with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq and now serves as President of the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF), a nonprofit community for atheists and humanists in the military.
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U.S. Army Commissions Video Game to Help Train Army Chaplains

“Call of Duty,” “Ghost Recon,” “Band of Brothers,” and a long list of other video games glorify warfare and put players in the position of killing and laying out destruction. Putting aside for a moment the ethical implications of that, let’s ask who’s left out?

The Chaplains, of course.

So now, the Army has contracted the company Engineering and Computer Simulations to tackle the task of including the chaplain perspective in warfare video games: [Read more…]

Are Military Chaplains Helpful or Harmful?

OutServe Magazine, a publication for LGBT service members, recently hosted a guest blog entitled “Chaplains: Force Multiplier or Force Distractor?[Read more…]

A Day to Address Military Suicides Becomes a Proxy For Religious Revival

Last Thursday, the Army shut down to focus on suicide prevention training. With skyrocketing rates of suicide, a problem stretching over the course of years, the Army needs to be addressing this. Collaborating on these issues are experts in the areas of psychology, behavioral health, and, of course, religion. Army Behavioral Health provides scientific approaches, [Read More…]

Spirituality Explored in Virtual Gaming

Atheist blogger JT Eberhard posted a glowing review of new game “Guild Wars 2” and called for a Godless Guild. I’m not a gamer myself, but I do find them fascinating. Humanists are trying to remake the world without deference for religious tradition or authority. There are obviously adjustments to physics in the video game [Read More…]

West Point Is Using Faith To Judge Cadets’ Leadership

West Point cadets scheduled to graduate in 2013 have been presented a survey of their leadership traits every year since 2009. That doesn’t sound bad… until you realize the survey includes promotion of spirituality, religion, and faith without accommodation for the nontheist perspective. The Commandant of Cadets distributed the survey with these instructions: “You have [Read More…]