Are Foxhole Atheists Really Seeking a Cure?

In a recent HuffPo article, science writer Matthew Hutson reports on three studies suggesting that fear of death will inspire atheists to believe in the supernatural. At least that’s the gist of the argument Hutson makes. (To his credit, he cites an online listing of over 200 atheists in foxholes, showing that atheism can survive [Read More…]

Air Force Leaves Evangelism Decisions Up To Hotel Managers

The Air Force Services Agency (AFSA), which, among other things, manages hotels on Air Force bases, has removed a requirement to place Bibles in hotels. Now, it’s up to the managers to decide which religion, if any, they wish to promote. The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (my main job, see bio), reported the [Read More…]

Army Plans New Ultra-Conservative Appearance Policies

The Army is planning some new ultra-conservative appearance regulations that might have more to do with traditional values than the needs of the Army. There are approximately 17 proposed changes that will severely limit tattoos, nail polish, and facial-hair regulations, even during off-duty time. Changes may have the effect of increasing pressure on gay and [Read More…]

Navy Admiral Calls Fighter Jet Crash Inferno a ‘Miracle’

Yesterday, a US Navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia. Predictably, the religious are calling the disaster a “miracle.” Their justification in this case is the fantastically improbable fact that no one was killed. They have, however, managed to overlook the blazing inferno and widespread property destruction. Admiral John Harvey came out [Read More…]

More Background on Patrick Greene, the Atheist-Activist-Turned-Christian

Hemant Mehta covered Patrick Greene earlier, prior to new information that has come to light. … The headline goes “Patrick Greene, Longtime Atheist, Announces Conversion to Christianity”. Hmm… what is this new lock-tight argument for Christianity that has converted an atheist? Apparently a few hundred dollars in donations to help him with his vision made [Read More…]