Liveblogging TAM2014: Day 1 Recap

Greetings from sunny (presumably. I haven’t been outside in two days) Las Vegas!

I’m here at The Amazing Meeting 2014 with my trusty sidekick/photographer/gentleman friend Michael Greiff to live blog as much as the event as possible. While I’m here, I will also be recording a few Hemant-less (boo!) episodes of the Friendly Atheist Podcast.

Yesterday (Thursday) was our first day here, and between trying to schedule interviews and getting settled, we were able to attend one of the workshops.

I dropped into the “Blogging and Skepticisim: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” workshop featuring the fine folks over at Skeptic Ink, and it was really delightful. Speakers inclded Beth Ann Erickson, Vandy Beth Glenn, Wendy Hughes, Jacques Rousseau and a fourth person whose name isn’t in the program and I don’t remember because I’m terrible at my job.

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Saying Hello from TAM 2014 and an Interview with James Randi

Hi all! This is Jessica. I’m back in Vegas at The Amazing Meeting 2014 to interview some amazing skeptics for your listening pleasure!

I’ll be live-blogging as many of the speakers as I can in between interviews. If you are at TAM, come say hello (I’ll be at the press table and/or wandering around like a lost puppy) and if you have any suggestions of people you’d love to hear on the podcast, you can tweet at me @blueburie!

In the mean time, here is a never-before-seen interview I did with James Randi from TAM 2013:

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What Would a Show About Teenage Jesus Look Like…?

There have been plenty of TV shows that take a look at the young lives of famous adults. Smallville examined a young Superman, Bates Motel looks at a young pre-stabby Norman Bates, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles chronicled the young Indiana Jones… You know what else these shows have in common?

I’ve never watched them.

But I’ll tell you what show is going to be appointment TV for this gal: Nazareth.

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I Saw Noah So You Don’t Have To

I feel the need to start this by saying that I really didn’t enjoy Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah independently of the fact that it was based on a Bible story.

I sort of walked out of the theater somewhat baffled, and now that I’ve made it to my laptop, I feel deeply apathetic about it. Which is a bummer, because when I found out that Creationist Ken Ham hated it, I thought “Well, I am going to love this!”

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The TAM 2013 Interviews Episode 9: Ed Clint

On to Episode 9 of our series of interviews conducted at The Amazing Meeting 2013 — today’s episode is with evolutionary biologist Ed Clint.

One of my favorite moments from this interview was when Clint shared a hypothesis about why babies have a tendency to put objects in their mouths — it may be a way to build their immune systems from an early age.

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