Victoria Jackson Is A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Human Being

Dear Seven-year-old Me, Don’t get older.  Because the people you thought were cool also get older and, invariably, crazier. Walker, Texas Ranger hates gay people. Mike Seaver hates science (and also gay people). And Victoria Jackson is not only certifiably insane but the worst kind of vicious.  You will never ride in a car with her [Read More...]

‘I Can’t Believe Bill Donohue Said Something So Awful!’ Said No One Ever

Over the last couple of weeks, we have found The Line that even conservative conservatives won’t cross. When Todd Akin tried to explain Female Anatomy for Psychopaths, a fair chunk of his own party was all “Dude… cool it!”  There are some things that you really just shouldn’t try to defend or justify. Another one of [Read More...]

Friar Claims That ‘the Youngster Is the Seducer’ When Priests Rape Kids

Ah, victim blaming.  The age-old technique to allow rapists and molesters to shirk off responsibility for their actions. We hear a lot of this in regards to cases of “legitimate rape” (as it is so sweetly referred to by old idiotic men) when the woman was clearly asking for it… You know how it sounds: “Did you [Read More...]

I Suppose It’s Not Surprising They Oppose ‘Tasting the Rainbow’…

Guys, watch out.  One Million Moms is angry again! This time it’s about a Skittles commercial! For those of you who can’t watch videos or are too afraid of the moral repercussions of subjecting yourself to something so depraved that One Million Moms finally had to speak up, I shall break it down for you. By the [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann Spies with Her Little Eye… ‘a Spiritual Hurricane’!

On Sunday, Michele Bachmann spoke at a conservative rally in Florida, and it looks like she’s venturing back into the “national disasters as political commentary” area. You may remember last year when Bachmann made some controversial comments regarding Hurricane Irene and the East Coast earthquake:  I don’t know how much God has to do to get [Read More...]