Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus

Filmmaker Israel Luna saw a really conspicuous gap in the movie canon: There are no zombie apocalypse movies that force a group of Bible Thumpers and a group of The Gays to work together to survive.  And he is filling that gap himself.  His Kickstarter campaign just launched! What is Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus (KZAFJ)? Kicking Zombie [Read More...]

Pat Robertson Discovers Cherry Picking

Over the weekend, Pat Robertson received the following email from a viewer of The 700 Club: Over the holiday, I heard that America was founded as a Christian nation.  If that’s the case, why did we allow slavery? – CHRISTINE Who’s excited to hear what P. Rob had to say? Well, I think there was [Read More...]

Woman Literally Beats Pastor With Bible

A woman in Selmen, Tennessee was arrested for assaulting her pastor. She’s 63. She did it because she thought he had “the demon in him.” Just watch the video: Last year, Mount Zion Baptist Church got a new pastor. Not everyone was happy with the selection.  Evidently, this caused some sort of rift within the [Read More...]

Evangelical Christian Radio Host Says ‘Tax Atheists Who Don’t Go To Church!’

Radio host Bryan Fischer received a very interesting email yesterday from an anonymous listener who had, in Fischer’s own words, “a brilliant, brilliant idea.” Observe: We talk frequently on this program about how people who have an active, vibrant spiritual life are healthier.  They live longer, they are healthier, and they are happier.  Their physical health [Read More...]

A Photo Journey of the Nation’s Largest Christian Music Festival

Creation Fest is the self-proclaimed “Nation’s Largest Christian Music Fest” and BuzzFeed writer Matt Stopera spent two days experiencing the magic. He then came home and taught us 56 Things [He] Learned At The Biggest Christian Music Festival In The World. Here are some of the highlights: 2. Every single secular product has a God [Read More...]