A Rush Limbaugh For the Next Generation

This is Caiden Cowger: He has his own radio show and everything! Which seems cute… until you realize he’s a young gay basher. When you listed to his twice-weekly internet talk show based out of West Virginia, you realize that Caiden doesn’t like gays.   Not at all. Homosexuality is a belief.  It is a– it [Read More...]

Says Pastor: This is a Christian Nation and Atheists Should Move Out

Pastor John Hagee was feeling the Christian love this past Sunday. He was reflecting on the sacrifices our soldiers made on D-Day, which happened 68 years ago tomorrow, when he thought it was a perfect moment to call out the atheists. They’re saying that the 10 Commandments have been taken out of the courtrooms and out of the schoolhouses [Read More...]

Atheist(s) Don’t Exist… God Said So

Sorry guys.  Pack it up.  We are apparently a figment of someone’s imagination.  Or exist in a snow globe like on that show I’m too young to have watched. Blogger Ralph Barker just wrote an article entitled “Atheist Don’t Exist-God Said So”. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s all the evidence Ineed to know that [Read More...]

Are They Sure They Want To Brag About This?

This picture has been going around on the Facebooks: Just a few quick thoughts: Inappropriate use “of” quotation marks is one of my favorite things. Really?  Tuition is free?  What happened to tithing? The “winning souls” thing makes me vaguely uncomfortable. As if I’m the assignment they need to work on. Does anyone spellcheck these things before [Read More...]

Who is Whining About Contraception Now?

Surprise! It’s the Catholics, Lutherans, and Presbyterians in Orlando, FL! Bishop John Noonan thinks that insurance covering contraception and sterilization is an “affront to [their] religious beliefs”: The payment of our insurance premiums will also subsidize abortion inducing drugs even though we do not believe in this culture of death. *Cue thunder clap* Culture of death?! [Read More...]