Are They Sure They Want To Brag About This?

This picture has been going around on the Facebooks: Just a few quick thoughts: Inappropriate use “of” quotation marks is one of my favorite things. Really?  Tuition is free?  What happened to tithing? The “winning souls” thing makes me vaguely uncomfortable. As if I’m the assignment they need to work on. Does anyone spellcheck these things before [Read More…]

Who is Whining About Contraception Now?

Surprise! It’s the Catholics, Lutherans, and Presbyterians in Orlando, FL! Bishop John Noonan thinks that insurance covering contraception and sterilization is an “affront to [their] religious beliefs”: The payment of our insurance premiums will also subsidize abortion inducing drugs even though we do not believe in this culture of death. *Cue thunder clap* Culture of death?! [Read More…]

A Church Teaches Bigotry to the Next Generation

The Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, IN apparently is teachin’ em young! This 4-year-old boy is already singing about homos going to hell: I know the Bible’s right, Somebody’s wrong… Ain’t no homo’s gonna make it to heaven Perhaps even worse, he received a standing ovation with hollers, and a proud father shouting, “That’s my [Read More…]

Doctors in the UK Can Be Fired For Not Doing Their Jobs!

Ah the good ole United Kingdom. Those crazy kids are at it again! They are working on medical guidelines (PDF) that prevent doctors from discriminating against their patients!  Here is part of the new draft, and it looks nothing like what we’re used to seeing in America: You may have a conscientious objection to providing contraception. [Read More…]

‘God is Working’ on Getting Gays to Heaven

There are a few things that I really get riled up about when it comes to religion.   You know the obvious ones: priests molesting little kids, the Vatican covering it up, honor killings… But, for some reason, the whole “Pray the Gay Away” movement has always struck a real chord with me.  Maybe it’s because I [Read More…]