Liveblogging TAM2013: Sunday Morning Sessions

Last night’s keynote by James Randi was wonderful, the magic show was a blast, I lost spectacularly at poker to a guy who had a pamphlet that said “Texas Hold ‘Em For Beginners” sticking out of his breast pocket and proceeded to hang out at a bar with a magician. So, I guess what I’m [Read More...]

Liveblogging TAM2013: Saturday Morning Sessions

After Penn Jillette’s amazing doughnut and bacon party last night (Yes, I did eat two Krispy Kremes and about three pounds of bacon, thanks for asking) and some technical issues this morning, we’re back on track! As always, thanks to Michael Greiff for all of the great photos! You can follow him at Instagram at [Read More...]

Live Blogging TAM2013: Friday Afternoon Sessions

Skeptical Scope and Mission Panelists: Barbara Drescher, Daniel Loxton, Steven Novella and Jamy Ian Swiss Moderator: Sharon Hill The panel talked about the skeptical movement and community, and where skepticism is going. Is skepticism going to become an academic movement? It seems to be a complicated issue- it sparked a bit of debate. Apparently, the [Read More...]

Live Blogging TAM2013: Friday Morning Sessions

Greetings from TAM2013! Currently, it is a little before 11:00 AM on Friday- I’m getting  a later-than-expected start due to some interviews that were scheduled this morning, so I missed a couple of the speakers. Sex-therapist Marty Klein just wrapped up his talk called “Junk Science, Moral Panic and Sex.” I missed most of it [Read More...]

We’ll Be Liveblogging The Amazing Meeting 2013!

Okay guys, my bags are packed and I’m on my way to Las Vegas to cover the one, the only, The Amazing Meeting for all of you fine folks.

A weekend full of science and skepticism and, likely, wine await me.

Here’s how it’s going to go down:

I’ll be liveblogging all of the talks and panels, while my trusty side-kick/expert photographer/gentleman friend, Mikey, will be taking pictures and video. I am also going to have the opportunity to sit down with some of the speakers for interviews, which I am planning on recording and uploading in a sort of podcast-like fashion so we can get those to you quickly. (Apologies in advance for my lack of a radio-friendly voice, I shall try to leave the bulk of the talking to people smarter than myself.)

As it’s my first trip to TAM, I am not sure what’s waiting for me this weekend, but I can tell you that Mikey and I are going to be working our butts off to make sure you all feel like you’re there.

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