Child Sexual Abuse within the Dutch Catholic Church

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before… An independent Commission of Inquiry was conducted recently, investigating historical child sexual abuse within the Dutch Roman Catholic Church. They found tens of thousands of victims and (wait for it) about 800 possible perpetrators over the span of around 60 years. It’s incredible how much “sin” took [Read More…]

Debunking Santa Is Just Practice for God

As Christmas approaches, many atheist parents might be wondering if they should tell their young children about the infamous obese man in a red velvet suit, who goes around the world (overnight) in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, slides down chimneys (or possibly picks the locks), and delivers presents (but only if you have [Read More…]

The Result of the ‘War on Christmas’

Look at what all you evil Jews, atheists, and gays are doing to children because of your “War on Christmas!” Have you no decency…? [Read more…]

Religious Groups React to Anti-Bullying Legislation Passed in Ontario

Premier Dalton McGuinty just announced that under new anti-bullying legistlation, students will be able to set up gay-straight alliance clubs (though the name may be different) in ALL public schools in Ontario. “We’re going to require that, at every school where students request that this be put in place, they be permitted to organize themselves [Read More…]