Church Responds to an Atheist Billboard in South Carolina

Last month, some digital billboards went up in South Carolina as part of the Columbia Coalition of Reason‘s outreach campaign: A few days ago, there was a rebuttal to the sign put up by Park Street Baptist Church (in the same location as the atheist billboard) with the words “We Still Believe in God & [Read More…]

A New High School Atheist Group in Brooklyn

There’s a new secular group at Midwood High School at Brooklyn College in New York and they recently got coverage in their school newspaper! Hooray! They’re known as the Midwood Freethinkers Club, and their three meetings (thus far) have been characterized as ‘lovely’. Mr. Joseph Peters, the club adviser, said that the goal of the [Read More…]

College Atheists Donate Gifts to Families in Need

Getting into the giving spirit of the holidays, the Illini SSA at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign teamed up with some of their friends to brighten up some families’ day for the second year in a row! They participated with Interfaith in Action, the Jain Student Association, the Navigators, and the Newman Catholic Center to participate [Read More…]