The Invisible War: A Documentary on Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military

A new documentary called The Invisible War by Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick has just come out in theaters. The film tackles the issue of sexual assault in the U.S. military, and how it has come to be a systemic concern. Check out the trailer here: From the MSNBC interview with the director and producer: [Read More…]

Are You Woman Enough to Compete in the Olympic Games?

While many athletes are busy training for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, some female competitors are undergoing treatment to become less masculine. In an article at the Toronto Star, it has been revealed that the International Association of Athletics Federations have named themselves the gatekeepers of gender in sports: “…recent rule changes by the International Association [Read More…]

1is2many: The White House’s New PSA About Stopping Violence Against Women

This week, Vice President Joe Biden (who has a history of advocating for women’s rights) released a new public service announcement about stopping violence against women. From the White House website: Despite the significant progress made in reducing violence against women, there is still a long way to go. Young women still face the highest [Read More…]

Get Paid to Go to Church… No, Really!

You know how large chain stores will pay people to be “secret shoppers” to see how well their employees perform? Well there’s a company that does this exclusively for churches. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. It’s called Faith Perceptions: The Mystery Guest Program tells church leaders what first-time visitors think and [Read More…]

In a New Book, a Straight Male Christian Fakes Coming Out as Gay

Fledgling author Timothy Kurek has a new book coming out this fall entitled Jesus In Drag. The premise? The author (who is straight) came out to his conservative Christian friends and family to see how they would react and he kept the label for a year: Raised and educated in the heart of the Bible-belt, [Read More…]