Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked By Senate Republicans

A piece of legislation that would help protect women who sue over getting paid less than their male counterparts was blocked in the Senate today by the Republican party. In a world where women still make 77 cents to every man’s dollar, this piece of legislation would help close the wage gap that is still [Read More…]

Creating a Safe Convention for Attendees

Due to both recent and past events, organizers in the freethought movement are drafting harassment policies to take effect at their events. Regardless of how serious you think this issue is, these policies are necessary. Not as a punishment or a threat, but as a promise to attendees that the places we gather in are [Read More…]

Hustler Magazine Rails Against Conservative Atheist S.E. Cupp… with a Photoshopped Phallus

This past week, adult magazine Hustler (published by Larry Flynt) printed a photoshopped picture of S.E. Cupp, a conservative female pundit (who also happens to be an atheist), looking like she’s performing oral sex, with the headline “What Would S.E. Cupp Look Like with a Dick in Her Mouth?” Here’s what the accompanying article had to say [Read More…]

Holy Popsicles, Batman!

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz will be handing out popsicles at his art opening this weekend at Gallery R’Pure in Manhattan’s Flatiron District… but these aren’t just any frozen treat. These popsicles are made from holy wine AND have cross-shaped tongue depressors with the Anointed One stamped on them. I think they’re just perfect for the summer, [Read More…]

Beating the Dead Horse of Sexism in Secularism

Sexism in the secular movement is a topic that seems to forever be a topic of discussion. I hate to add to the cacophony of voices speaking out, but after having read this piece over at Freethought Blogs by Stephanie Zvan, I feel compelled to share my thoughts. Zvan’s post discussed how many female skeptics, [Read More…]