About Mary DeJesus

Mary DeJesus is a life-long church mouse (with the exception of a few years) in her thirties who lives in the upper midwest. She still goes to church (most of the time) but asks "why?" quite frequently.

Mary is an honest observer and critic of what technology and westernization has done to the evangelical community with which she associates (again, most of the time). She is a lover, not a fighter, and is choosing to not get in debates about why she believes what she believes. Discussions, yes. Debates, no. She doesn't want to unconvert, so don't try to unsave her. She will respect your beliefs and not try to convert or save you. Just offer her the same respect, okay?

She's a career student in social sciences and religion and her favorite kind of communion wine is a good Cabernet.

Mary DeJesus is not to be confused with the mother of Jesus. Or wife. Any likeness is completely coincidental.

Christian Girls Who Say Sh*tuff

Hi. Come here often? I do, but I’m new to contributing. I’m Mary. Mary DeJesus. A quick bit about me before we move on to more exciting things. I consider myself a Christian in the sense that I follow the teachings of Jesus, do believe he is the son of God and was the ultimate [Read More…]