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Megan Wells is an IT tech and sports blogger in Chicago.

Ron Brown Backs Down, But Still Hasn’t Learned

Remember Ron Brown? He’s the University of Nebraska assistant football coach who believes very strongly in the literal truth of the Bible. So strongly, in fact, that he spoke at a City Council meeting in Omaha back in March, opposing a law that would have banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender [Read More…]

No Female Olympians for Saudi Arabia

Today we bring you yet another story of Islamic countries giving their female athletes the shaft. It turns out that Saudi Arabia, a country that has never sent a woman to the Olympics, ain’t about to start: According to Thursday’s editions of Al-Watan newspaper, an all-but-official government organ, Saudi Olympic Committee president Prince Nawaf Bin-Faisal [Read More…]

Ron Brown Would Rather You Weren’t Gay in His Locker Room, Thanks

In an extremely thorough and thoughtful blog entry at the Huffington Post (seriously, I encourage you to go read the whole thing), Outsports.com co-founder Cyd Zeigler is calling for Ron Brown, assistant football coach at the University of Nebraska, to be fired. Brown is a Christian, and one who goes well out of his way to [Read More…]

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Religious Privilege

Did you know that Little League Baseball has a pledge? It’s on their website, right here: I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best Little League is a tax-exempt American non-profit that [Read More…]

Jesus Saves…

…the Broncos. After he missed last season due to neck surgery, the Indianapolis Colts released quarterback Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos promptly dumped Tim Tebow and snapped Peyton up. Wouldn’t it be nice if God always worked in ways this obvious? [Read more…]