Do Tebow and Bieber Make It Cool to Be Christian?

Jo Piazza at FOX News wonders: are prominent, outspoken Christians like Tim Tebow and Justin Bieber making Christianity more appealing to kids? It’s no great leap to say that children and teens admire and emulate figures like Bieber, fellow musician Demi Lovato, and Tebow. In a culture that values piety as a signifier of moral [Read More…]

@PennJillette, Your Friend Is Wrong

If you’ve been hanging around the freethought communities lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about sexism. You’ve probably heard plenty of women sharing their experiences: feeling objectified, feeling dismissed, feeling threatened, feeling constantly sexualized. Does that mean every man in the skeptic and atheist communities is a misogynist douchebag? Absolutely and unquestionably not. Does the [Read More…]

The Fighting Illini’s Nathan Scheelhaase Has Crossed the Line

We’ve talked before on Friendly Atheist about Tim Tebow‘s tempting eyes. Seriously, who could resist this face? It makes me want to run out and get (re-) baptized. But once Tebow graduated, the NCAA had to spoil everyone’s proselytizin’ fun by banning messages on eye black, or as it’s called in the official rulebook, “eye [Read More…]

God Hates (Penalty) F(l)ags

Robert Wilonsky, blogger for the Dallas Observer, reports that Westboro Baptist Church will protest the TicketCity Bowl in Dallas on January 2nd. Why that game in particular? Well, the participants are Penn State and the University of Houston: You can probably figure out why The Most Hated Family in America is out to get the Lions: [Read More…]

Are Holiday Sports Strengthening Secular Culture?

Frank Deford at Sports Illustrated has an article up about the role of sports in holiday celebrations. “[S]ports are pretty agnostic when it comes to religion,” he says, and he has a point. From Thanksgiving football to the five games the NBA has scheduled for Christmas Day this year (to begin their shortened season), sports [Read More…]