Reckoning With Tragedy Does Not ‘Require Faith’

Last night, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy saw fit to ruminate on the “power of faith” at a memorial service in Newtown. During times of strife, he declared, we are “required to be invested in our faith,” which is a “gift from God.” [Read more…]

Stop Calling the Shooter ‘Evil’

When so heinous an act is carried out that it falls outside the realm of normal human comprehension — like an elementary school massacre — people search desperately for “answers.” This impulse is certainly understandable. The shooter’s motives remain inscrutable, and it is very difficult to imagine what would possess anyone to systematically execute kindergartners… [Read more…]

Gun Confiscation: The Right-Wing Christian’s Worst Nightmare

One of the most common nightmare scenarios posited by popular radio/Internet personality Alex Jones is that the U.S. Federal Government, having been co-opted by a vast constellation of evil forces collectively known as the “New World Order,” will someday attempt to seize citizens’ firearms. This could occur imminently, Jones often warns; like legions of God-fearing, patriotic Americans, he’d view any such forcible confiscation as tantamount to an act of war — and quite possibly cause for open revolt. [Read more…]

Fare Thee Well, Spiritual Warrior Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint, heralded for a time by political pundits as the most powerful member of the U.S. Senate, shocked even his own staff yesterday when he announced that he’ll relinquish his seat next month to become president of the Heritage Foundation, the preeminent Washington, D.C. think tank for social conservatives. There are a few things worth unpacking about this development. [Read more…]

The Ron Paul Religion

During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, the candidate with the most devoted core of supporters was undoubtedly Ron Paul[Read more…]