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Harry Potter Character Explains Common Sense

All I’ve ever needed to know I learned from Hermione Granger. [Read more…]

It’s the Opposite of Pascal’s Wager

Most people live each day according to their own inner code even though, on the surface, they give credit to a supernatural designer. Even though Marcus Aurelius may never have said the following quotation, his book The Meditations implies much of the same philosophy and is worth a read. Take care of yourself and make [Read More…]

‘There is a Rumor Going Around That I Have Found God…’

Beautiful words from English novelist, Terry Pratchett: It’s hard to find something that was never lost. (via Reddit) [Read more…]

Christian Logic in a Flowchart

Summary: Keep praying. Don’t question it. I’m sure God will do what is best… [Read more…]

Love and Sex: Brain vs. Religion

This video by LJonYT, a response to this video at Scientific American, makes comparisons between what your brain naturally tells you to do when it comes to love and sex versus what religion proclaims you to do: [Read more…]