Ask Richard: Older Atheists Have Difficulties with Their Religious Families, Too (Part 1 of 2)

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Some people will always say your atheism is “just a phase.”


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Ask Richard: Atheist Student Struggles with Ethics Around Coming Out to the Family

Should a 21-year-old college student come out as an atheist to his family? He wants to be honest with them, but he knows it’ll break their hearts. Richard Wade offers some nuanced and thorough advice.


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Ask Richard: Should Atheist Student Go to College or Take Care of Mother During Chemotherapy?

A 20-year-old atheist wonders whether she should return to school or be with her mother as she endures chemo. Richard Wade has some excellent advice for her.


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Ask Richard: Catholic Wife in Midst of Divorce Asks About Her Husband’s Atheism

After decades of marriage, a Catholic woman and her now-atheist husband are getting divorced and she wants to know where she went wrong. Richard Wade, our resident therapist, responds to her heartbreaking letter.


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Freethinker Group Holds “Ask an Atheist” Panel Discussion

On the evening of November 21st, the Antelope Valley Freethinkers (AVF) in Lancaster, California held an open panel of five atheists to answer anyone’s questions about atheism, agnosticism, Humanism, and other issues around religion. I was very honored to be invited to participate on the panel. We were hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living. AVF President David Dionne described it this way:

This isn’t a debate with winners and losers; it’s an opportunity to address biases and misconceptions, and promote better understanding and acceptance of nonbelievers through civil discourse. Our goal is that everyone who participates will come away with something positive and affirming. Consider bringing a religious friend or two!

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