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I'm a 16 year old high school sophomore, raised in an atheist family, and now living in a predominately Christian rural area.

11-Year-Old Banned from Scouting After Not Pledging Allegiance to God

It turns out Boy Scouts aren’t much better in the UK, either. In another completely ridiculous and not-at-all-shocking twist, The Scout Association has denied an 11-year-old boy from being admitted into their exclusive, Godly club. [Read more…]

South Korea May Put Examples of Evolution Back Into Science Textbooks

Remember that scary news story about South Korea removing two examples of evolution from their high school textbooks? The changes were being proposed by the Society for Textbook Revision, an offshoot of the Korean Association for Creation Research. It’s no secret that Creationism and the theory of Intelligent Design are popular all over the world. [Read More…]

After An Administrator Stopped High School Students From Supporting LGBT Classmates, One Girl Took Action

At Hardin County High School in Tennessee, a student wearing a shirt saying “Lesbian and Proud” was told to turn her shirt inside-out by Assistant Principal Ryan Miller because the school’s dress code “prohibit[ed] students from ‘advertising’ or ‘promoting’ sex.” Then he threatened to suspend her if she didn’t follow orders. When students, in response, [Read More…]

The Challenges for High School Atheists

This is a guest post by Sarah Henry, a high school student from Indiana. Sarah spoke with leaders of several high school atheist groups for this post. … Over the past few years, high school and university students have started up their own freethinking safe havens by way of Secular Student Alliance groups. According to [Read More…]