Lent: New Year’s Resolutions for Jesus

As I’m sure we all know, Lent is in full swing and we have successfully survived Ash Wednesday. As a former Catholic, who always wiped off my ashes as soon as church was over, I have to say that Lent seems to be a bit of a publicity stunt. Wear ashes on your head all [Read More…]

What Are Best Friends For?

I saw this at PostSecret yesterday: Well, duh. Of course he won’t be your friend. Would you remain his friend if you found out he secretly believed he was superior to you? Would you continue being BEST friends with a person who thought you were less than a person? If you don’t support gay rights [Read More…]

Indiana Legislative Panel Clears Creation Science Bill

Dennis Kruse, the same Indiana State Senator who wants public school students to recite the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of every day, is now sponsoring a bill that would promote Creationism in science class… and he’s getting much farther than he should be: The Senate Education Committee voted 8-2 in favor of the bill [Read More…]

Role Model and Fail: A Tale of Two Epics

If you read this blog (or any atheist media) and you haven’t heard about Jessica Ahlquist‘s lawsuit win yet, then you probably live under a rock. Jessica, an insanely courageous 16 year-old high school student, did what some of us only dream of having the strength to do – standing up for what is right [Read More…]

Buckets & Bigotry, Children & Charity

For many, a new year often brings forth resolutions. Yes, I’ll admit, we did write some down in my family. Mostly because it’s fun to reminisce about the past year and brag be proud of how much we have accomplished… but also because we all have a “bucket list” and a new year seems as [Read More…]