Christians Will “Fast” For 40 Days to Protest Gay Marriage

Not since the awful Trestin Meacham unsuccessfully attempted to outlaw gay marriage by starving himself have American Christians felt such hunger pangs.

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Portrait Photographer Captures U.S. Purity Ball Couples — Fathers and Daughters. What Do You Think?

These subtly desaturated images are the work of Swedish photographer David Magnusson, who worked on his U.S. Purity Balls project on and off for a year. The photos will culminate in a book, scheduled to be released in August.

My (agnostic) friend Kristi, who spotted the portraits at Flavorwire, wrote me a message today saying she was nauseated and observed that ”the dads’ hands/arms are wrapped around these girls like prison bars.”

But Magnusson may disagree:

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An Average Day in Church-Land: These Google Headlines Are From the Last 24 Hours Only

I’ll just leave this here.

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Conservative Christian Group Calls a Mississippi Anti-Discrimination Sticker a Form of Anti-Christian Bullying

This Mississippi door sticker for retail businesses and restaurants sure looks innocuous, doesn’t it? It’s a way for owners to signal that all customers will be treated with basic respect. If you have money, well, your green is as good as anyone else’s.

But beware. While the American Family Association stops short of calling the no-discrimination message the mark of the beast, executive vice president Buddy Smith is warning consumers and shopkeepers that not discriminating is a just another way to bully Christians.

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Jesus Himself Exposed Megachurch Pastor’s Adultery and Inveterate Fapping; Bob Coy Gets Pinkslipped

Calvary Chapel, the Fort Lauderdale megachurch founded by Pastor Bob Coy nearly 30 years ago, will have to get by with a different shepherd, after Coy was found to have “committed adultery with more than one woman.”

Also, said Outreach Pastor Chet Lowe,

“[Coy] committed sexual immorality, habitually, through pornography. … Rest assured, God will not be mocked.

There’s no doubt who ratted Coy out:

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