The Arabic Translation of The God Delusion Has Reportedly Been Downloaded 10 Million Times

I’m not sure about the legality, but if Richard Dawkins isn’t bothered by the copyright ramifications, then neither am I.

An unauthorized PDF translation of Dawkin’s The God Delusion, by Iraqi emigrant Bassam Al-Baghdadi, who lives in Sweden, has reportedly been dowloaded ten million times,

with 30 percent going to Saudi Arabia. Bassam said that there were over 1,000 downloads on the very first day after he uploaded it, and the numbers only climbed as the translation was picked up and shared on the blogs, websites and forums of prominent Arab atheists. The book has prompted unprecedented controversy and debate in the Arab and Islamic worlds.


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A Psychology Professor Explores the Link Between Ventriloquism and Religion

I know what you’re thinking: both ventriloquism and religion rely on dummies. Well, no need to be quite so snarky. Writing in the AtlanticMichael Graziano, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, has something different in mind. He’s talking brain chemistry and consciousness — and their evolutionary progress.

Ventriloquism … pits perception against cognition. Everyone in the audience knows cognitively that there’s no mind in the puppet’s wooden head, but we still can’t help falling for the illusion.

Spirituality is another example.


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Reza Aslan Keeps Lauding Indonesia’s Equality of the Sexes; A Critic Calls Him On His BS

When Reza Aslan defends Islam against charges that it is, in practice, often a violent and oppressive religion, he likes to point to one country that he claims has embraced modernity and equality: Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

In a new video, a YouTube creator who goes by Sp00ky Skeletonman is challenging Aslan‘s nonsensical assertion (at 0:11) that

“In Indonesia, women are absolutely one hundred percent equal to men.”


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Correction of the Week

This New York Times correction is totally pimpin’.


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Watch This Pew-Climbing Preacher Scream That Atheists Have Taken Christians’ Land and Children

It’s hard work being a screampreacher:


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