“I Got Shot! God Shot Me!”… Said No Religious Person Ever. But Why the Hell Not?

On Thursday, God and his Perfect Master Plan put Yolande Herron-Palmore in one of the seats of a Minneapolis beauty salon, where the Houston-based pastor had her hair done. Then the Almighty, through another puppet whose strings He controls, shot his life-long servant. Because she survived, however, she and her family ended up praising Him profusely, just filled with light and gratitude.


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Confirmed: Canadian Teen Alex Radita, a Diabetic, Died Due To Parents’ Religious Beliefs

Last Monday, Hemant posted about Alex Radita, the son of apparent faith healers Emil and Rodica Radita. Alex, a life-long diabetic, died at age 15, weighing only 37 pounds, after his parents repeatedly refused to accept his medical diagnosis. The Calgary couple chose prayer over insulin.

We didn’t know for sure five days ago that the boy died because the parents preferred to pray over him rather than get him the medical care he needed, but in the course of their murder trial, that fact just got confirmed.


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Party Organizers in Thailand Get Sued By Shady Buddhist Sect Over Alleged Blasphemy

A week ago, a music, dance, and cosplay event in Bangkok featured projected slides that lampooned the controversial Buddhist sect Dhammakaya. The slides exuded humor that would be considered tame by U.S. standards — “photoshopped images of its UFO-shaped headquarters,” for one, and also “the temple’s infamous abbot Dhammachayo in [a] fabulous costume.”

Followers of Dhammakaya were outraged, claiming that the party antics were “blasphemous against Buddhism as a whole.” The sect is suing the party organizers (an outfit named Trasher), and hopes that other national Buddhist groups will join its lawsuit.


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37 Years After Its Release, Monty Python’s Life Of Brian Provokes a Constitutional Case in Germany

Martin Budich, the man behind a German group called Religious Freedom in the Ruhr, is in trouble with the law. It isn’t so much that, three years in a row, he dared put on a public viewing of the 1979 Monty Python movie The Life of Brian. That would have been fine on most days of the year. The problem is that Budich consistently did so on Good Friday — a religious holiday.


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Pakistani Father of 35 Wants One More Wife and 65 More Children, Claims “Religious Duty”

The proverbial ink wasn’t yet dry on my post about large families when I came across the case of Sardar Jan Mohammad Khilji. Now my head is echoing with Too Many Daves, the Dr. Seuss poem that’s long been a hit in my household.

A Pakistani father of 35 is now searching for a fourth wife as he romps towards his goal of 100 children, a dubious ambition in the conservative Muslim country where polygamy is rare but still practiced.


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