To Combat Lying Children, Dioceses in Canada Are Keeping Priests From Being Alone With Kids

To counter allegations of abuse, the Catholic Church of Montreal has a solution: Priests can no longer be alone with children. (Because kids can lie.)

They seem to have missed the bigger issue here…


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Pennsylvania Priest Accused of Groping Pre-Teen Girl At Her Holy Communion Party

First Communions are supposed to be suffused with holiness. If allegations against him are true, that wasn’t necessarily the case for father Charles Bodziak, who saw a young girl’s Communion as an opportunity to sexually assault her.

Not that other, less solemn occasions didn’t suit him equally fine.


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Devotional Singer Is Assassinated in Pakistan For Insulting Allah With Music

If you’ve never heard Qawwali music, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I’ve long been deeply touched by the songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the greatest of the Sufi-Islamic singers, whose thrilling, intense voice reverberated across cultures and continents until his death of natural causes in 1997.

Now one of Khan’s spiritual successors, Amjad Sabri, has joined him in the grave, assassinated by devout terrorists who consider music an affront to Allah.


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Muslims Attack Istanbul Music Event, Upset That It Took Place During Ramadan

Yesterday, a listening event at an independent record store in Istanbul, where Radiohead fans were celebrating the release of the group’s new album, unexpectedly turned violent when outraged religionists showed up.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.47.24 AM

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After Jailing a Dutch Rape Victim For Three Months, Qatar Sentences Her To a Fine and Expulsion

In late 2010, the international soccer federation FIFA announced that the 2022 soccer World Cup tournament would be hosted by Qatar (against all reason, and amid swirling corruption allegations). The only good I thought would come out of that was that the tiny Salafist-Islamic state would perhaps be forced to rethink or soften some of its worst religion-driven, sexist customs.


That doesn’t appear to be happening yet, if the case of an unnamed Dutch rape victim is any guide.

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