Miss California Prayed In Vain For God To Help Her Answer a Question About Poverty

Model Nadia Mejia turned to God for help with a question she’d just been asked on stage during the Miss USA pageant last Sunday: How would she address the gap between rich and poor?

The answer might have made sense in her head, but something got lost on the way to her mouth.


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Bible Store Doesn’t Understand Quip, Presents Critical Quote As an Endorsement of the Good Book

It takes a lot of creative reading if you want to think of the Bible as a truly “Good Book.” So maybe its no big surprise that the staff of a Bible store in Emporia, Kansas interpreted a purported Mark Twain quip about Christianity in a positive light, even writing it on a slate tablet and putting it in the shop window.


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Right-winger David Frum Wrote a Stellar Debunking of Christopher Hitchens’ “Deathbed Conversion”

As Christopher Hitchens was slipping into death, did he embrace Christianity? As we’ve seen, that calumny is being peddled in Larry Alex Taunton‘s new book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens.

Condemnations of Taunton’s psychic grave robbery flew fast and furious… and now right-wing darling David Frum has written the best takedown yet.


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Pakistani Mother Burns Her Teen Daughter to Death For Going Against Tribal and Religious Customs

About three times a day, and maybe more, a Pakistani woman is killed for “dishonoring” her family. But to whom does the dishonor really go? How does a sentient human being, with malice aforethought, brutally murder anyone, much less his or her own child or sister? What are we to do with people so threatened and upset by love that they douse their kin in kerosene and light the fateful match?

A woman in Pakistan burned her 17-year-old daughter alive on Wednesday to punish her for marrying against the family’s wishes, the latest in a series of so-called “honor killings” that claim the lives of nearly 1,000 women every year in the conservative Muslim country.

Police say Zeenat Rafiq’s mother, Parveen, tied her to a cot and drenched her with kerosene before lighting her on fire. Neighbors in the congested, working-class neighborhood in the eastern city of Lahore came running when they heard the screams, but family members kept them from entering the house, said Nighat Bibi, who lives nearby.


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Florida Pastor With a Violent Past Shoots and Kills His Wife While Cleaning His Gun, He Claims

Pastor Darrel Reid, who runs a home-based ministry in Apopka, Florida, was cleaning his gun on Monday night when it went off and the bullet hit his wife in the head. Katie Reid died hours later in a local hospital.

It’s not the first time the pastor’s been involved in an incident.


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