Jewish Community Center Tells Secular Employees To Eat Non-Kosher Food Outside

Redditor Sensualsanta works at a Jewish community center. This week, the center’s director delivered the following surprise:

I was eating lunch inside the building when the director of the Chabad approached me and said I was not allowed to eat my food inside the building because it was non-kosher. I was pretty shocked at first and I asked, “where am I supposed to go?” My lunch break is 30 minutes and I am too far from any restaurants. Furthermore, there is no staff lounge or break room, so I was just eating my food at one of the tables in the common area.

I had to eat outside. It was raining and cloudy but I was told I had to eat at a bench outdoors. Well, at least there was a roof over it.

When they hired me they said they wanted to make people feel “welcome,” but [yesterday] I felt so angry and upset.

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Evangelist Kent Hovind Found Guilty on Contempt of Court Charge

This morning,

… the jury in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind returned their verdict convicting Hovind on one of four counts he was facing, and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen on two of five.

Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property.

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Ali Rizvi Exposes Muslims’ Double Standard About “Hate Speech”

What if there was a book that described Muslims the way the Qur’an describes disbelievers? Heads would roll, says Ali A. Rizvi. Literally.

Rizvi is talking specifically about this verse in the Islamic Good Book:

The worst of beasts are the disbelievers. They’re the ones you make treaties with, but they break those treaties every time because they have no fear of the law.”

If you flipped that, you’d get

The worst of beasts are the followers of Allah. They’re the ones you make treaties with, but they break those treaties every time because they have no fear of the law.”

Instant Islamophobia!

Would a proud Muslim let that insult stand? If not, then why does he consider those words not just acceptable but sacred and supremely truthful if the subject is changed from “followers of Allah” to “disbelievers”?

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Why Did Rep. Justin Harris Abandon the Little Girls He’d Adopted? Easy: They Were Possessed By Demons

More details are emerging about Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris and his botched adoption of two young girls.

Last week, we learned that Harris and his wife Marsha gave the siblings, four and six years old, away (the euphemism used was “rehomed”) to a couple, Eric and Stacey Francis. Eric Francis promptly raped the six-year-old and is now serving a 40-year prison term.

But what possessed State Representative Harris, who is also the owner of a Christian preschool, to get rid of the girls after they’d spent just 14 months with him and his family?

It’s not what possessed him; it’s what possessed them, we learn via a followup investigative piece in Arkansas Times. As in, demons. Demons so bad, an exorcist had to be called in.

No doubt, the children were challenging to raise, having come from a broken home where meth was present, and where the oldest sister had been sexually assaulted by her father. The Arkansas Times describes their early years as “suffering through a staggering sequence of chaos and abuse.” Psychological damage is understandable and likely in such cases, as is acting out. But apparently, the Harrises experienced something way beyond that. One of the troubled girls crushed a family pet to death, a guinea pig, Harris claims.

And so it began.

Multiple sources who interacted with the family confirmed [the] account that the Harrises believed the children were possessed, and another source close to the family said that Marsha Harris spoke openly about the supposed demonic possession.

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Sheriff Tells Sex Offenders They May Not Go To Church, Directs Them To the County Jail For Religious Services

Perhaps misinterpreting a state law intended to keep sex offenders from schools and day-care centers, a North Carolina sheriff last month told registered sex offenders to stay away from church. Graham County Sheriff Danny Millsaps did invite the ex-cons to attend Sunday service at the county jail.

The sheriff’s letter about the issue surfaced just last week, says Religion News Service.

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