The Dalai Lama Shocks Some Followers By Saying Germans Shouldn’t Invite Tide of Immigrants

On immigration and the refugee crisis in Europe, what distinguishes Buddhist superstar Tenzin Gyatso, better known as the Dalai Lama, from right-wing populists like Donald Trump or Geert Wilders?

At first blush, not much.


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Please Stop Assuming That People With a Lot of Children Must Be Religious

I have three kids, a fact that a commenter on these boards recently saw as an occasion for a joke — something along the lines of “They know what’s causing those now.” Har har.

No malice or hostility was intended, but it felt pretty weird to have a total stranger on the Internet voice an opinion about my presumed propensity to procreate. (All three of my children are in fact adopted.)

If having three kids draws comments, you can imagine what couples with four or six or nine children get to hear.


The Washington Post has a piece about large families who automatically get pigeonholed as religious by Christian and secular Americans alike.

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Conservative Christianity Will Never Regain The Public Influence It Had, Says WaPo Columnist

“In American politics, where has God gone?” asks columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post.

I’m fairly certain that none of us here would have any trouble providing all kinds of evidence of voters and politicians not only mentioning God, but putting the Almighty front, left, and center. Dionne surely knows that, too, so he was just being a bit hyperbolic. Here’s his more serious point:


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For National Politicians, Atheists Are Still Too Toxic To Speak To or Hang Out With

If the non-religious are the largest “religious” demographic in the country, why are so few politicians trying to win our votes?

The Reason Rally will take place in June of 2016 in Washington, D.C. Photo courtesy of The Reason Rally

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Times Editorial Board Calls Exclusive Pool Hours For Women “Capitulation to a Theocratic View”

A day after a Friendly Atheist post about faith-based, gender-segregated public-pool hours drew an unusually high number of comments, the New York Times weighed in with a muscular editorial condemning the practice (not that I’m claiming a causal effect).


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