Founder of KKK Chapter and Alleged Killer Was Caught With a Black Male Crossdressing Prostitute

The Ku Klux Klan is a Christian organization whose website states “Our Nation is Under Judgement from God!”

If that latter part is true, God’s judgment may not turn out so kindly for Frazier Glenn Miller, the founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, who allegedly shot and killed three people at a couple of Jewish centers in Kansas earlier this month.

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Evangelical Discipline: Prisoner Gets 90 Days In Solitary Confinement For Buying Fellow Inmates’ Souls

When his jailmates kept asking Daniel Genis for money to buy tobacco and coffee, he devised a humorous plan. Genis, a literature-loving math tutor who was doing time for a string of armed robberies, would only furnish the coin if his fellow prisoners agreed to give him something in return: their souls.

In an article for Vice, he writes:

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Preacher and Patheos Blogger Asks: “American Christians: Have You Lost Your Minds?”

Like my friend Benjamin Corey, I don’t know why the following two things aren’t the opposite of how conservative Christians think.

Asking critical questions about the Biblical case against homosexuality, as Dan Haseltine did (Haseltine is a prominent Christian who fronts the band Jars of Clay) … is an damnable act.

Saying we should happily waterboard (torture) Muslim prisoners of war as a way to “baptize them,” which is what Sarah Palin proposed … is fine.

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U.S. Senate Candidates in Iowa Unanimously Want a Litmus Test For Judges: Atheists Need Not Apply

GOP candidates tend to talk a good game about the Constitution. Too often, that’s all it is — talk.

Take the political forum that was held in Ankeny, Iowa last Friday, sponsored by the conservative Christian group Family Leader.

The GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate seat who appeared there said things that are so at odds with the Constitution, it’s hard to believe that they’ve actually read it, or that they’ve understood that the United States isn’t supposed to be a freakin’ theocracy.

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Will “Heresy Hunters” Purge Shiites? In Indonesia, It’s Increasingly Hazardous to Be the Wrong Kind of Muslim

Extremist Muslims kill other Muslims about as often as they do Western targets.

The next slaughter of Allah fans by their fellow believers may well occur in seemingly peaceful Indonesia, if this report by Rahat Husain at Communities Digital News is any guide.

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