Christian Teacher, Keen on Spreading Bible Stories, Found Hundreds of Impoverished Kids to Rape

A Christian schoolteacher from England, Richard Huckle, can no longer prey on vulnerable, impoverished children in Malaysia and Cambodia. The 30-year-old serial pedophile, who was arrested in 2014 after eight years of frequent sexual assaults on children as young as six months, received 22 life sentences from a British court yesterday.


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Christian Prophet Drives His Car Over Disciples To Prove the Power of God

At a “crusade” in South Africa on Friday, self-styled prophet Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries reportedly drove his car over two of his disciples to prove that, with the Lord, anything is possible.

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Christian Pastor: “The Only Atheists in the World Live in America and Europe”

Pastor Phil Vander Ploeg, who ministers to young people in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a man who is extraordinarily committed to spreading God’s truth — even if he has to lie through his teeth to do it.


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I Laughed About a Dead-Baby Story. Am I Irredeemable?

Yesterday’s post about Christians thanking God for saving them in close calls drew all kinds of interesting comments. Including this one, from reader Becca Rogers, on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page:


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“I Got Shot! God Shot Me!”… Said No Religious Person Ever. But Why the Hell Not?

On Thursday, God and his Perfect Master Plan put Yolande Herron-Palmore in one of the seats of a Minneapolis beauty salon, where the Houston-based pastor had her hair done. Then the Almighty, through another puppet whose strings He controls, shot his life-long servant. Because she survived, however, she and her family ended up praising Him profusely, just filled with light and gratitude.


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