Bangladeshi Home Minister Thinks He Knows Who’s Really Behind the Hacking Deaths of Secularists

Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan says that the brutal killings of atheist bloggers and other minorities can be blamed on the Israeli government.

I guess Muslim extremists are off the hook.


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A Reminder: People Are Going to Have Different Worldviews. That Doesn’t Make Them Assholes.

If we get mad at peaceful protesters, we’re only going to hurt ourselves.

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It’s This Drowning Dog’s Lucky Day When a Sikh Samaritan Disobeys His Religion

Sarwan Singh is an Indian Sikh who, like virtually all Sikhs, always wears his turban in public — its a requirement of his faith. But when Singh happened upon a drowning dog, and realized that if he unfurled his turban, he might be able to loop it around the animal and save it, he didn’t hesitate.


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Christian Teacher, Keen on Spreading Bible Stories, Found Hundreds of Impoverished Kids to Rape

A Christian schoolteacher from England, Richard Huckle, can no longer prey on vulnerable, impoverished children in Malaysia and Cambodia. The 30-year-old serial pedophile, who was arrested in 2014 after eight years of frequent sexual assaults on children as young as six months, received 22 life sentences from a British court yesterday.


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Christian Prophet Drives His Car Over Disciples To Prove the Power of God

At a “crusade” in South Africa on Friday, self-styled prophet Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries reportedly drove his car over two of his disciples to prove that, with the Lord, anything is possible.

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