Ken Starr, After Demotion, Abandons Reins at Baylor U. in the Wake of Campus Rape Scandal

A week ago we learned of rumors that Ken Starr, then the president of Baylor University, the biggest Baptist school in the world, was going to lose his job over campus rapes that he had looked into with little enthusiasm, in an effort to protect Baylor’s popular football program. Two days later, Baylor’s board of regents announced that Starr would merely be demoted, from president to chancellor.

Now it’s time for act three. The embattled Starr will be leaving Baylor’s executive offices altogether, he told ESPN.


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Turkish President Erdoğan Has Filed Almost 2,000 Personal Defamation Cases in 21 Months

Everybody needs a hobby. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s passion appears to be harassing critics with a mountain of defamation lawsuits that I reckon is unprecedented in the history of the world.


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Bible-Loving Dad Is Accused of Shackling Teen Daughter in Basement, With a Bucket For a Toilet

Today’s story of God’s love and forgiveness comes to you via the Toledo Blade:

“A 13-year-old girl [was] rescued from a North Toledo home where she said she was kept shackled in a basement for as long as a year.”


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Saudi Man Shoots Male Obstetrician For Assisting Birth, Seeing Wife’s Nether Regions

What better way to welcome a new life into the family than to shoot the obstetrician who oversaw the delivery?


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More Frequent Porn-Watching Can Boost Religiosity, Researcher Finds

Religious people can finally watch a ton of porn and feel pious about it. A little porn won’t do, but a lot of it might really deepen their commitment to religion.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Sex Research, Sociologist Samuel L. Perry of the University of Oklahoma writes that, on the whole, the correlation between pornography use and religiosity runs as most of us probably expect:


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