More Republican Politicians Than Trans People Have Been Arrested For Sex Acts in Bathrooms

All the recent political and social commotion about transgender people and bathrooms is even sillier when you look at the numbers. How many trans people have been arrested for sex acts in bathrooms? As best as we can tell, zero.

How many GOP politicians? At least three.


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Be Honest, You Wouldn’t Go To a Law School Named ASSoL Either

George Mason University has decided to withdraw the proposed name of its law school in Arlington, Virginia, after it was pointed out that the Antonin Scalia School of Law would result in a somewhat uncomfortable — if possibly apt — acronym. ASSoL? ASS Law? What were they thinking?


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I Wonder If Glenn Greenwald or Ben Affleck Will Tell This Saudi Journalist She’s “Gross” and “Racist”

Saudi journalist and TV host Nadine Al-Budair, who operates out of Qatar, is becoming a viral sensation in her homeland and abroad, thanks to a three-minute editorial tirade she gave on air a week ago. Far from pretending that terrorist attacks on soft Western targets have nothing to do with Islam, as we’ve heard so often from that faith’s reflexive defenders, Al-Budair lit up the screen by arguing the opposite:


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Trooper Fired for Proselytizing On the Job Gets Public Support: “I Wish Other Officers Would Do That!”

Lots of people in Connersville, Indiana, are upset or puzzled about the firing of police officer Brian Hamilton. A 14-year veteran of the force, Hamilton was kicked out after he wouldn’t stop preaching the gospel to people he pulled over for alleged traffic infractions.

Even after his superiors told him to stop because he was clearly violating citizens’ First and Fourth Amendment rights, Hamilton went right back to giving unsuspecting motorists his Jesus schtick.

Says one woman interviewed by WRTV, the local ABC channel:

I wish other officers would do that. Maybe it might touch my kids’ heart that they would [get to] church and give their heart to God.”

The interviewer then asks, not unreasonably, whether that should be the role of a police officer. And she responds, without even letting him finish,

“It should be the role of anybody.”


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Bombshell: Prosecutors Say Dennis Hastert, Defender of Family Values, Sexually Abused Four Boys

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, an evangelical Christian, got in trouble with the law a year ago over suspicious banking transactions. Investigators found that Hastert had withdrawn almost a million dollars from his accounts in increments of just under $10,000, in an apparent attempt to dodge banks’ reporting requirements.

Where did all that cash go? Hastert was paying hush money to “compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct,” in the tantalizing words of the eventual indictment. He also lied to the FBI about the withdrawals. The word “misconduct” referred to an unnamed person, wronged by Hastert, in Yorkville, Illinois, where the family-values politician had been a high school teacher for 16 years.

When you read the latest bombshell in the case, below, keep in mind that Hastert was part of the Congressional posse that impeached President Bill Clinton for trying to conceal a consensual blowjob involving an adult partner; and that Hastert was consistently at the forefront of the “family values” crowd that aggressively fought same-sex marriage and other gay-rights issues.


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