A Famous Guru and Hindu Nationalist, Baba Ramdev, Fantasizes Aloud About Genocide Against Muslims

Baba Ramdev, a prominent Indian yogi, is no stranger to controversy. He considers same-sex attraction to be scandalous and “against our Vedic culture,” but luckily being gay is nothing that can’t be cured in six months with the right kind of yoga (his kind) and meditation.

He’s also on record as saying that sex education in schools should be replaced by yoga classes, and that AIDS can be a thing of the past thanks to ayurvedic medicine and (you guessed it) more yoga.

Now, the shady swami has achieved a new level of notoriety, by intoning that were it not for India’s pesky law against murder, he’d like to behead people — mostly Muslims, it would seem — who aren’t patriotic enough. Ramdev, you see, thinks the common phrase Bharat Mata Ki Jai — “Hail Goddess India” — should be a mandatory incantation for all Indians. Those who won’t say it should have their heads chopped off.


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Comic Strip Issued By Turkish Government Agency Teaches Kids It’s Cool To Be a Martyr

Turkey’s highest religious body, the Diyanet, has decided it’s a good idea to teach children that it’s great to martyr oneself for God and country.

The latest issue of a children’s magazine published by Diyanet [contains] a colorful cartoon titled “May god bless our martyrs, may their graves be full with holy light.” [It] features dialogues between parents and children that promote… religious martyrdom. In one box of the comics, a father says to his son: “How good it is to be a martyr…” He also adds that martyrdom gives a person an opportunity “to gain the right to go to heaven.”

In another box…, a girl can be seen saying “I wish I could be a martyr.” “If you desire enough, Allah will give you that opportunity,” the mother in the box replies to the girl…

Another statement attributed to Prophet Mohammed says: “A martyr would love to go back to the real world and be a martyr 10 times more after the honoring and prestige they receive in the heaven.”


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To Many Christians, Being Hated For Being Jerks Is Just Proof That They’re Right

That’s kind of an unfriendly headline for Friendly Atheist, isn’t it?

I blame my old friend Benjamin Corey, an Anabaptist preacher and writer (and no, friend is not used sarcastically here).

He just put his finger on something that’s been bugging me for a while.


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A Horrifying New Case of Islamophobia? Nah, Just Another Attention-Seeking Hoaxer

Recently, a Middle Eastern woman claimed to be slashed on the face in an apparent hate crime. Now we know she was making it all up.

Why would anyone make something like that up?


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Connecticut Man Who Shot Up Ahmadi Mosque Goes Back For Forgiveness — and Receives It

It’s not every day that we have a happy story involving religion, so buckle up and enjoy.

Last November 13, Ted A. Hakey Jr., of Meridan, Connecticut, drank himself into a place of darkness, angrily contemplating the evil that Islamic terrorists had just inflicted on hundreds of innocent Parisians.

It was two in the morning when the retired Marine committed a brazen and violent act himself: he grabbed a high-powered rifle and fired an unspecified number of rounds at the neighboring Baitul Aman mosque. Nobody was hurt, but there was glass damage and walls full of holes. It’s easy to imagine what the volley of bullets did to the peace of mind of neighbors and Muslim worshipers alike.


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