The Catholic Church in New York State Paid Lobbyists a Fortune To Quash Anti-Child-Sex Bill

The New York State Catholic Conference is an organization that represents the state’s bishops in the legislative process, its website says,

“… to shape laws and policies that pursue social justice, respect for life and the common good.”

But just wait till you hear what they did.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan

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Head of German Protestant Church Wants to See Islam Taught in Nation’s Schools. Should It Be?

I don’t have the answers, but I sure have a lot of questions.

Should all pupils in Germany’s state schools get educated in the tenets of Islam? If so, what version of Islam is the correct one that schoolchildren must internalize? Sunni Islam? Shiite Islam? Salafi Islam? Wahhabi Islam? Ahmadiyya Islam? Sunni Islam alone has five main sub-sects (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbalites, and Ẓāhirī), and all those f(r)actions have splinters. Who will decide, for the purposes of German schools, what the proper theology is?


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Turkish President Urges Muslims To Ditch Birth Control, Says Family Planning Is Like “Treason”

Women are baby-makers who can never be the equals of men, says Turkey’s Dear Leader.


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Some Cities in the West Now Bow to the Religious With Gender-Segregated Swimming in Public Pools

On most Saturday mornings, I take my youngest daughter to the Y for swim class. While she’s in the water, I sit on the bleachers and watch her, and chat with other parents.

Doing so makes me a perv in the eyes of some Muslim men. Or at least, they object to my presence when their daughters or wives are in the water, too. If I lived in Canada, or Sweden, and my daughter and I went to a municipal pool, I might be told to scram — just because I’m a guy.


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Texas Militia Group Dips Bullets in Bacon Grease or Pig’s Blood To Fight the Coming Muslim Takeover

Why would you dip a perfectly good round of ammo in bacon grease or the blood of a pig? It’s simple for these members of a Dallas-area militia:

“So that when you shoot a Muslim, they’ll go straight to hell. That’s what they believe in their religion.”


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