The People Behind Atheist Shoes Will Drive a “Missionary Fun Bus” Through America

Remember Berlin-based Atheist Shoes?

David Bonney and his band of merry cobblers are back. America take note, because if their current Kickstarter campaign is a success, they’re going to be selling their handmade shoes from a small fleet of vans that will be criss-crossing the U.S.A.’s heartland.


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Shouldn’t Respect For Islam Be a Two-Way Street?

I saw this on the Facebook page of the Iranian Atheist/Agnostic Movement and chuckled.


Truthfully, I don’t love the execution — the random capitalizations, the fact that “Ramadan” and “Europe” are in no way each other’s equivalents — but I do like how this flips the perennial Islamic demand for “respect” on its head.

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Christian Missionary Sexually Abused Eight Orphans in Malawi For More Than a Dozen Years

When Gerald Campbell decided to serve God and become a missionary, he soon found himself blessing Malawi orphans with his cock.


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Head of Christian Charity Embezzled $475,000 to Finance His “Sex Addiction”

There’s an episode of Louie that contains a great observation about so-called sex addiction:

“Tiger Woods claims to be addicted to sex. Bullshit! These are hot women he was having sex with. If he was having sex with a dead chicken, I’d say, wow, that guy is addicted to sex.”

Because a lot of people these days, with excellent justification, see addicts as patients rather than sinners, it’s tempting for an incorrigible fornicator to couch himself in the mantle of sex addiction, rather than saying, “I just really love to screw as much as I can.” Better to be a victim than a pervert, I guess. Perverts get no sympathy and very little forgiveness; addicts just might.

Enter Jon S. Petersen (but not literally, ’cause he’d probably like that):


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Memphis “Prophetess” Steals a Small Fortune From a Food Program for Kids — Again

I wanted to call this a new low, but considering the Christians who beat kids, kill kids, and rape kids, merely taking food out of kids’ mouths is no big deal, right?

The operator of a Memphis faith-based agency that contracted with the Department of Human Services [DHS] to feed low-income children has been indicted on theft charges, after an investigation revealed she misappropriated $162,165 in taxpayer monies intended for meals.

Prophetess_Jeannette_Jives-Nealy__I_WON_T_QUIT_TIL_I_WIN_PART_1__-_YouTube 2

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