Muslim Woman, Famous For Selfie Promoting Coexistence, Doesn’t Want To Coexist With Jews

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Zakia Belkhiri, 22, a Muslim woman in Belgium, has just discovered the truth of that saying.

A week ago, Belkhiri became a social-media sensation with a sassy, self-empowering selfie she took at an anti-Muslim demonstration in Antwerp, Belgium, defiantly duckfacing in front of the 40-or-so protesters.


For that no doubt beautiful message, she was celebrated as a badass, a hero, et cetera.

But now it turns out that Belkhiri isn’t entirely about living in peace and harmony. She would like to make an exception for Jews. Four years ago, on Twitter, she cheered their extermination.

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Anti-Gay Therapist Monsignor Tony Anatrella, a Vatican Adviser, Suspected Of Sex With Male Clients

For decades now, young French seminarians and priests who were deemed to be “struggling with homosexuality” would often end up in the office of trusted Vatican adviser and anti-gay therapist Monsignor Tony Anatrella.


Guess where this is going…?

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Reports: ISIS Dissolves Live Enemies In Vats Of Acid

We’ve heard of acid attacks against Muslim and girls women who have drain cleaner or similar substances splashed in their face when they smile at a man who isn’t their husband, or who don’t return romantic affection, or who disobey Allah and the will of the clan.

ISIS has just raised that already-unspeakable cruelty to a whole new, systematic level.


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Want To Know Your Future? In India, a Little Birdie Tells You

In India’s Tamil Nadu state, men with trained parakeets happily take bird-brained patrons’ money. The parakeets are supposed to tell people’s futures by selecting Tarot-like fortune cards containing pictures of Hindu gods, Buddha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and so on.

The Atlantic has a short film about the generations-old phenomenon.


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It’s Important To Teach Your Baby That She’s “Depraved,” Radio Host and Learned Guest Agree

In a recent radio program called “Introducing Your Child To God,” brought to you by the FamilyLife organization, co-host Bob Lepine explained the importance of talking to babies about the evil and wickedness that dwell within them.


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