Harold and Kumar and Chris(t): Thank God For Marijuana, Pot Priest Says

Judge less, love more. That’s the message that the Rev. Chris Schuller, 55, wants to spread in a video aimed at asking tolerance for marijuana users.

“[T]hanking God for weed might feel a little awkward at first,” says the Rev. Chris Schuller — a former rector at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in the Snell Isle neighborhood [in St. Petersburg] — in the short video that’s punctuated with the reggae rhythms of Bob Marley. “Thanking God is going to feel so much better than throwing stones at people who are already stoned,” he says.

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Unaware of Praying Pig’s Sudden Celebrity, Chinese Farmer Slaughters It

A Chinese pig that caused a viral sensation after it was seen “praying” close to a Buddhist temple in China apparently didn’t pray hard enough to avoid being killed.

A pig has become a viral star in China after escaping from its farm and bowing its head in front of a Buddhist temple in what appears to be a prayer pose.

The pig was photographed and videotaped Feb. 22 outside the temple in Wenzhou when the animal struck a bowed pose that witnesses said made it appear the pig was praying — although others hypothesized the animal may have been kneeling as a result of a Vitamin E deficiency.

Or a joint inflammation, or congenitally weak shoulder tendons, or an environmental toxin, or food poisoning.

Seriously, praying?

Witnesses said the pig was in the prayer position for a long period of time before a monk arrived and chanted sutras for it.

I would have been more impressed if it was the hog that did the chanting (even if it squealed only Pig Latin).

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Christine Weick, Who Denounced “Satanic” Monster Energy Drinks, Weighs In On “Stigmata Soda” On Tosh.0

[Caution: This post is possibly NSFW]

We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Christine Weick, the crazy Christian lady who warned last year that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil. Weick, who has since drawn attention to herself and her faith in other questionable ways, appeared on comedian Daniel Tosh‘s eponymous TV show the other night. Not that she’s a big fan: the name Tosh, Weick says twice, is an acronym for “Taking Others Straight to Hell.”

But the two were (almost) cordial as Tosh bounced ideas for new, non-sacrilegious soft drinks off of Weick. Watch:

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State Rep and Christian Preschool Owner Gave His Adopted Daughters Away — To a Rapist Now Serving 40 Years

Suffer the little children.

On March 6, 2013, Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris posted pictures of two young girls, 3 and 6, to his social-media accounts. They were now his daughters, he explained – siblings that he and his wife Marsha had adopted after the usual extensive vetting process and a six-month in-home trial period.

But today, when you view the short biographical video that’s posted on Harris’ page at the Arkansas House of Representatives website, and you fast-forward to the 1:51 mark where he talks about his family, those girls, unlike his three biological sons, are neither mentioned nor shown. The girls’ photos have been scrubbed from Harris’ social-media profiles, and the posts about them removed.

What happened to the siblings?

That’s the subject of an investigative piece in the Arkansas Times. It’s a long and convoluted story, and some pivotal facts remain unknown, but the gist of it is this:

Harris (below, right) and his wife “rehomed” the girls – gave them away and abandoned them — to a man named Eric Cameron Francis (at left) and his wife Stacey. Francis, a former youth pastor, had worked as head teacher at Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool, which happens to be owned by Harris. Those godly credentials didn’t prevent Francis from forcing himself on the oldest girl. He is now serving a 40-year prison term for her rape.

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Sam Harris and ISIS Expert Graeme Wood Discuss “the True Believers” of Islamism

Sam Harris doesn’t do short. Even his blog posts often run the length of many, many screens, and his latest piece is no exception. Posted last night, it’s a 12,000-word meeting of the minds between Harris and Graeme Wood, the author of the excellent March cover story in the Atlantic titled “What ISIS Really Wants.”

I’d recommend reading the Atlantic piece first. But even if you don’t, the following extract from the Harris-Wood conversation should stand on its own, and it’ll give you a good idea of the ground that Wood covers in his report. The quotes are from various places in the Harris blog post, and, as presented here, are not necessarily contiguous.


One could certainly say that as a vocal atheist, I’m an enemy of all religion. So, in that sense, I’m an enemy of Islam too. But for the purposes of a conversation like this, I’m actually an enemy of “Islamism,” not Islam per se. Islamism, as you know, is the desire on the part of a minority of Muslims to impose their religion on the rest of society (and jihadis are the minority of Islamists who attempt to do so by force).


As anyone who watches the Islamic State closely knows, it manufactures propaganda at an industrial pace, and its members are eager to explain themselves. They publish fatwas in Arabic and many other languages represented among the foreign fighters. And they take great pains to describe why they do what they do.

These fatwas and religious edicts are produced by a council of scholars. ISIS has learned men working on these issues and putting out judgments using texts within the discourse and traditions of Islam. They’re not discussing whether something is right in a vague, secular sense. They are using the language of Islam and drawing, indisputably, upon its traditions of religious discourse, especially the Qur’an and the hadīth (the sayings of the Prophet) and the lives of Muhammad’s first followers.

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