The Torquemada of Sex, Ken Starr, May Get Fired From Baylor Over Sex-Assaults Response

A president getting hounded in a sex scandal? Now it’s Ken Starr‘s turn.

Six years ago, the author of the “overly aggressive” Starr Report that lead to impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton, was appointed president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Baylor is the largest Baptist university in the world.

The Board of Regents is now rumored to be considering kicking Starr out over his pattern of dereliction in handling a string of campus sexual-assault cases, most involving the school’s football team.


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British Doctor Joins ISIS, Would Like to Keep Some Victims Alive Just To Torture Them Longer

In 2014, a British doctor of Palestinian descent who specializes in endocrinology, and who worked for the U.K.’s National Health Service, traveled to Syria to join ISIS. BBC News just published a profile of the man, Issam Abuanza.

Abuanza left his Sheffield home, his wife, and their two children to volunteer as a fighter and a medic. He is thought to be the first practicing NHS doctor to have joined the so-called Islamic State.

As you might expect, the Hippocratic Oath was among his first casualties.


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With Any Luck, There’ll Be a Blog Just Like This One, But With “Nutty Stories” About Atheists

Commenter Jerry Lynch, a reformed conservative Catholic who nonetheless still walks with Jesus, has trouble with Friendly Atheist, he told me yesterday. He’s been coming here for a week and a half and he’s puzzled. Disappointed, even.

lunatic fringe degenerik blog

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What Do You Do If You’re a Girl and God Wants to Put His Baby in You?

Graphic artist Fran Krause gets people to share their deep dark fears, then turns their stories into poignant four-panel comics. Like this one, about a childlike but achingly logical reaction to the tale of God impregnating the Holy Virgin.

This_Artist_Just_Took_Your_Deepest__Darkest_Fears_And_Turned_Them_Into_This__-_Dose_-_Stories_Worth_Sharing 2

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Tired of Potholes? Jesus Will Fix Them After a Little Sprinkle of Holy Water

Because I’m all about helping others, I’ve belatedly come up with a solution to help a Youngstown, Ohio man whose NSFW video went viral after he recorded himself profanely commenting on the potholes dotting his local roads. It’s simple: Get a little holy water.


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