A Survivor of the Faith Assembly Cult Talks About Growing Up Under the Gaze of Crazed Preacher Hobart Freeman

In the mid-1970s, the faith-healing cult of a charismatic preacher by the name of Hobart Freeman came to the attention of health authorities in Indiana. One health official observed that at Faith Assembly’s quarters,

Diabetics were not taking their insulin and pregnant women were receiving no prenatal or postnatal care… They are laying dead babies and live babies next to each other on the altars and praying over them to get the live babies to bring life back to the dead ones. There was one woman… praying over a baby for four days before the funeral home got hold of it.

The group was socially impenetrable except for those who fully embraced its claims of

… prophesy, miraculous healings, testimonies, speaking in tongues, and believers being slain in the Spirit…

A sense of community care, cohesion, exclusiveness, superiority and persecution grew with the breadth, authority, and enthusiasm of [Freeman's] teaching. Those with divergent doctrines, beliefs or practices either conformed or were excluded. Outside interactions grew less and were sometimes severed over these issues.

And that’s what survivor Josh Wilson recalls too, in this brand new video..

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Bible Edges Out Darwin in U.K. Poll About “Valuable Books,” but Reason and Science Dominate the Top 10

Which book is most valuable to humanity? Predictably but depressingly, even in the rapidly secularizing British Isles, the most common answer is the Bible.

The Bible has been voted more valuable to humanity than Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by the British public. The Folio Society survey conducted by YouGov asked members of the public to name the books of most significance for the modern world.

A total of 2,044 adult respondents were asked to pick the three most important books from a list of 30. The resulting Top 10 looks like this:

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The Little Pebble Has Been Paroled, Free To Resume His Leadership of Australia’s Craziest Cult

William Kamm, a.k.a. the Little Pebble, a name given to him by the Virgin Mary, will be back on the street within a week. The German-born Australian cult leader just got paroled after spending nine years in prison for multiple sexual assaults on two underage girls, crimes that flowed from his belief that he’s been chosen by God to become the next Pope, but without the required celibacy.

Kamm is the head of the Order of St. Charbel, a cult group that claims to fall under the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The Vatican begs to differ.

Kamm claims the Latin Rite rules of obligatory celibacy do not apply to him, not even if finally declared “pope” sometime in the future; nor does it apply to the priests of his order.

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Catholic Church Officials Allegedly Destroyed Criminal Evidence: Minnesota Priest’s Child Porn Tapes

Dumb and Dummer.

When two employees at St. Mary’s church in downtown St. Paul found what they believed was child pornography in the Rev. Donald J. Dummer’s living quarters in 1997, they brought the material to an archdiocese official.

Over the next five years, the circle of church leaders made aware of the material grew. It included then-Vicar General Kevin McDonough, then-Archbishop Harry Flynn, and the Rev. Joseph Hitpas, Dummer’s superior in the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the order to which he belonged.

It even reached the apostolic nuncio in Washington, D.C., Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States.

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Man Who Tried to Hook Up With 12-Year-Old Girl Gets Extra-Tough Sentence Because He’s a Pastor

As much as I loathe child-soliciting creeps like youth pastor Deric Peacock, I’m not entirely sure it’s a sound application of legal principles to give him a tougher sentence than a non-clergy perp.

Deric Peacock, 30, was sentenced to serve five years in prison … by [Virginia] Circuit Court Judge Marcus Long. Peacock had online communications in which he exposed himself and said he fantasized about having sex with what he thought were a 12-year-old girl and her mother, but both were in fact a Christiansburg Police Detective.

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