There’s Still Nothing Remotely Honorable About Honor Killings, As These Stories of Betrayal and Murder Attest

From the New York Times comes a gut-punching article about the continuing “honor killings” of young women in Afghanistan:

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On Reddit, /r/Islam Responds to This Blog’s Boko Haram Story

For obvious reasons, it’s rare for anything that’s published on Friendly Atheist to get attention on the “Islam” subreddit. Yesterday was an exception. A discussion broke out there that ran the gamut from concern and outrage over the Boko Haram mass abduction, to (surprise!) the good old No True Scotsman fallacy, to a Patheos-bashing the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Here are three interesting /r/Islam responses to the Boko Haram blog post, from across the spectrum.

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For April, “Astrologer to the Stars” Susan Miller Predicted a Historic Stock Market Meltdown. Guess How She Did.

Back in January, I bookmarked an interview with well-known charlatan Susan Miller (pictured, center) that was published in the U.K. Observer — but the paper didn’t call her that. Her fans never do, of course, and journalist Aaron Hicklin is a fanboy for sure. He declared himself bewitched by “America’s most popular astrologer,” and gushed that [Read More...]

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Spouts Falsehoods About Other Religions, Says First Amendment Favors Christians

When the notorious uber-Christian Roy Moore, who was re-elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2012, gets together with a fawning audience in Jackson, Mississippi, the results don’t disappoint.

Or maybe they do, depending on how strong your stomach is for Moore’s preacherly delivery and his infamously blinkered views.

A newly-released video, apparently taken in January during a ‘Pastor for Life” luncheon but uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago, shows the judge as he displays an amazing lack of knowledge of non-Christian faiths by erroneously calling Buddha a god and stating that Muslims think that Mohammed, not Allah, is their Creator.

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Should the West Take Action Against the Nigerian Islamists Who Are Hiding and Selling 200 Kidnapped Girls?

Of all the groups qualifying for the title “scum of the earth,” Nigeria-based Boko Haram gets my vote.

I’ve written about these cruelest of child killers and rapists before. Their strategy and focus is markedly different from their Islamist brethren. You see, Boko Haram — a name that means “Western education is sinful” — consists of violent fundies who love targeting schools, teachers, and students, in a series of loathsome acts not seen since Muslim terrorists killed almost 400 pupils and teachers in Beslan, Russia.

Education is no accidental target, the Guardian‘s Jill Filipovic reminds us:

[Boko Haram] correctly understand that education sets girls on a path to economic independence and self-reliance. Education also makes girls (and women) less dependent on men, less subservient to authority and less acquiescent to the social and religious strictures that don’t serve girls’ overall interests — educated women are more likely to refuse practices like female genital cutting, for instance, better able to resist domestic violence, and less tolerant of discrimination.

The group has been back in the news thanks to the monstrous April 14 kidnapping of 276 girls.

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