It’s Important To Teach Your Baby That She’s “Depraved,” Radio Host and Learned Guest Agree

In a recent radio program called “Introducing Your Child To God,” brought to you by the FamilyLife organization, co-host Bob Lepine explained the importance of talking to babies about the evil and wickedness that dwell within them.


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Trans People Are Causing the Death of God, Says Cardinal at DC Prayer Breakfast

Transgender people are God-assassins:

“A senior Catholic cardinal said during the 12th Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC on Tuesday that transgender people are ‘demonic’ and are causing the ‘death of God.'”


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All Weekend Long, Ask the Friendly Atheist Writers Anything

Why should Reddit get all the AMA (“ask me anything”) fun?

All of us at Friendly Atheist are getting ready to answer your questions this weekend. Maybe you’ve always wanted to know where we find our material; or how we handle fact-checking; or how we moderate the comments; or if we ever go to church; or whether our views of religion have changed; or how often we secretly get together and plot the demise of the world’s religions while stroking our cats and pressing a pinkie to our mouths.


Ask us whatever you wish to ask in the comments, and as long as it’s related to atheism, religion, and/or the inner workings of this blog, we’ll jump in and answer.

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For Decades, This Christian Surgeon Raped His Way Through One Bangladesh Mission Hospital

It can be hard to tell the child-raping Christian missionaries apart after a while, so let me assure you: No, you haven’t read this post before.

Gerald Campbell, whom we featured yesterday, “only” assaulted eight victims, in Malawi. Today’s paragon of godly virtue, Donn Ketcham, made Bangladesh his hunting ground, and he notched his belt with at least 23, um, conquests — 18 of whom were underage. There are credible accusations that Ketcham drugged some of his victims before raping them.

A recent 280-page report by Professional Investigators International (Pii) reveals how Ketcham, a medical missionary for the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) from 1961 to 1989, spent decades sexually abusing women and girls. Pii, hired by ABWE, conducted more than 200 interviews to get to the bottom of the long-swirling accusations against Ketcham, and, during the years-long probe, reviewed more than 14,000 pages of documents.

Here’s what Pii unearthed, according to a lengthy account of Ketcham’s exploits in Christianity Today.


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Iranian Cops Arrest Models and Photographers For Instagram Pics of “Un-Islamic” Hair

Allah must have blessed Iran with a culture that’s free of theft, rape, murder and other serious crimes. Why else would law enforcement officials instead go after models with uncovered tresses?

Iran has arrested eight people working for online modeling agencies deemed to be “un-Islamic,” the prosecutor of Tehran’s cybercrimes court has said. The arrests are part of an operation that has seen women targeted for posting photos showing them not wearing headscarves on Instagram and elsewhere.


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