Harvesting a Future Saint: Catholic Church Fights Over Who Gets to Cut a U.S. Archbishop’s Corpse

Cardinal Timothy Dolan can’t bear to say goodbye to his hero and shining example, the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

In the fifties, Sheen presented an Emmy-winning Catholic TV show that affected a young Dolan greatly. Sheen’s remains have been entombed in a crypt in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral since 1979, the year of his death. The trouble is that the man was born in Peoria, Illinois, whose diocese lays claim to the body:

It has drawn up blueprints for an elaborate shrine in its main cathedral to house his tomb and sketched out an entire devotional campus it hopes to complete when its campaign to have him declared the first American-born male saint succeeds. … Now the dispute over Archbishop Sheen’s corpse has brought a halt to his rise to sainthood, just as he appeared close to beatification, the final stage before canonization. Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, Peoria’s leader, announced this month that the process had been suspended because New York would not release the body.

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Wannabe Jihadis Crave Some of That Beheading-Video Glamour; ISIS Said to Have Signed Up Recruits in Droves

Who knew? Terrorist snuff movies are a great recruiting tool, because previously lukewarm young Islamists go gaga over them. That’s according to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London, reports the Guardian.

Barbarous online films, such as the two-and-a half-minute video showing the killing of British aid worker David Haines released on Saturday night, are “turning on” jihadists in countries such as Tunisia and Libya who had previously reacted coolly to the civil war between the Sunni fundamentalists of Isis and the Shia minorities in Syria and Iraq.

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Slavery in Mauritania Is Alive and Well, Thanks In No Small Part to Islamic Apologists

If you never cottoned to the hysterical antics of Pastor Terry Jones, his fellow book-burner Biram Dah Abeid might be more to your liking.

The New Yorker has a profile of Abeid, one of Africa’s foremost anti-slavery campaigners. He is a Muslim — as are his biggest enemies, the slavers.

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Do Religious People Have Better Morals Than Non-Believers? Study Says Neither Side Has the Edge

Good without God? Join the club. Via Live Science:

Researchers asked 1,252 adults of different religious and political backgrounds in the United States and Canada to record the good and bad deeds they committed, witnessed, learned about or were the target of throughout the day.

The goal of the study was to assess how morality plays out in everyday life for different people, said Dan Wisneski [pictured below], a professor of psychology at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, who helped conduct the study during his tenure at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Devout Jewish Prostitutes Forced to Have Sex With Clients to “Bring About Redemption,” Police Say

Maybe there’s a reason that sects and sex are (almost) homonyms. Via BBC News, we learn that Israeli police busted a prostitution ring that had a religious bent:

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