Bald Equals Gold: Why Superstitious Killers Hunt Bald Men in Mozambique

Just when I thought I could no longer be floored by superstitious hooey.


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A Crucial Thing Was Missing In Some Media Commemorations of the Pulse Massacre

While many media outlets honored the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre one year ago, some of them failed to mention the motive of the radical Islamic terrorist who committed the horrible act.


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Terrorists Will Never Inhabit Our Monuments to Human Brilliance

We will commemorate the best among us in lovely museums that will never contain a bust or a painting either made by or depicting a single jihadist.


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Wannabe London Subway Terrorist Follows Al-Qaeda Bomb How-To, Gets 15 Years

The judge said that even though Damon Smith “had an interest in Islam, he was not motivated by terrorism.”


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Manchester Mayor Claims Mass Murderer Salman Abedi “Was a Terrorist, Not a Muslim”

Mayor Andy Burnham’s comment was enough to send honest people — a group in which he can no longer claim membership — into spasms of disbelief.


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