Why Didn’t Jesus Lift a Finger To Stop His Deadbeat Oklahoma Wife From Going To Jail?

We’re all familiar with the notion that Jesus Christ will return to Earth. (Any day now.) Kristi Rhines just believed that the Savior, who happens to be her husband, would return really, really soon.

Police say Kristi Rhines told restaurant managers her husband was on his way to pick up the tab.

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Bible Belt Christians Love Online Porn (Including Gay Porn); Why Google Is a Godsend To Religious Conservatives

In 2012, the New York Times published an article about strip clubs in Tampa. Business at the establishments boomed, the Times reported, when the National Republican Convention came to town, in ways that it didn’t when left-leaning conventioneers descended on the city. One strip club proprietor said daily revenue during the RNC event was three times that of the take during the Super Bowl, itself a high-grossing time for peddlers of sexual titillation.

You could still quibble over what those things meant. Republican convention-goers could simply have higher incomes than their counterparts on the left, making it easier for them to spend bigger bucks. Maybe Democrats and associated groups were just as interested in exotic dancing, but more reluctant to be seen indulging in activities that their political fellows may condemn as misogynistic.

Now, however, thanks to Canadian psychologists Cara MacInnis and Gordon Hodson, we have a scientifically sound look at the link between lustful interest in sexual imagery on the one hand (pardon the pun), and conservatism and religiosity on the other. The researchers published their paper in the peer-reviewed journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and titled it, straightforwardly, Do American States with More Religious or Conservative Populations Search More for Sexual Content on Google?

And the answer is: hell yeah.

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Where Does One Even Begin Countering This Insane View of “Evil” Atheists?

Jeff Porter, who writes under the pen name UGAFender, is

A Georgia boy, born a raised. I’ve traveled to 3 of the 4 corners of our country and to several spots off the reservation… I have interests that range the gamut, so there’s no telling what category I will cover.

Feel free to insert sics where you feel they belong.

With his intellectual pursuits “ranging the gamut,” Porter focused his powers of observation and logic on atheism the other day.

Atheism is such an empty vessel; a bleak and vacant belief in a brief and futile and purposeless existence.

A belief that we came from nowhere and we are headed for nothing must sustain a vacuum where one’s soul should otherwise be abounding with hope and joy and comfort in the knowledge of the truth that we are eternal and ever lasting beings, created for a purpose and with a destiny.

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Quebec Driver Acting “In the Name of Allah” Mows Down Two Canadian Soldiers

Jihad up North:

A Quebecer shot dead by police after running down two Canadian soldiers told a 911 operator he was acting in the name of Allah

The Prime Minister’s Office says the dead suspect, identified as Martin Couture-Rouleau, had become “radicalized.”

Two police sources [said] that the incident just after 11:30 a.m. was a possible terrorist attack against the unidentified soldiers, one of whom was in critical condition. Police gunned down Couture-Rouleau, 25, in his hometown of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 30 minutes south of Montreal on Monday morning.

He charged at the officers wielding a big knife with a curved handle, witnesses claim. Police fired seven bullets to stop him.

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Guess What You Find When You Search For “Youth Pastor” in Google Images?

A sea of sexual-offender mug shots, is what.


Youth pastors diddling their young charges represent

… a time-honored evangelical tradition which Christian culture is loath to speak of, yet everyone who grew up in Christian culture knows youth pastors (plural) who were deposed due to the dubiously defined Moral Failure. And those are just the ones who were caught.

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