What Should Christians Offer ISIS — Hugs or Hand Grenades? A Tale of Two Christians

What to do about the so-called Islamic State? Post-Paris, blogger Bill Blankschaen says he knows. “ISIS needs the gospel — and a good bombing,” he writes at Faith Walkers.

[T]o those who shed man’s blood — or who plot to do so — justice demands we bomb them into oblivion.

We should pray that God destroy them, either through a miraculous encounter with the gospel (our first hope) or through a rendezvous with airborne ordnance — whatever it takes to preserve life.

Love sometimes requires both a hug and a hand grenade.

That’s abhorrent to peacemaker Benjamin Corey (disclosure: he’s a good friend of mine) at Formerly Fundie, who has a post up today titled “To Start Thinking Like Christians, We Need To Stop Thinking Like Americans.”

The Kingdom of God is not concerned with building walls, but tearing them down.

The Kingdom of God is not concerned with having more, but giving more.

The Kingdom of God says, “Refugees? That’s why we exist — we’d love to help.”

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John Kerry Suggests Charlie Hebdo Massacre was “Legitimate,” Then Walks Back That Word

Secretary of State John Kerry, as the United States top diplomat, should have a tongue of silver. Unfortunately, it turned to ash in his mouth yesterday when he bumbled his way through an impromptu statement about the two terrorist massacres Paris has suffered this year — the shootings and bombings of last Friday evening, and the January bloodbath that decimated the Charlie Hebdo staff.

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With a Doctored Photo, a Sikh Man Is Falsely Accused of Being a Muslim Terrorist

This past weekend, a Canadian Sikh, Veerender Jubbal, found his likeness plastered across websites and newspapers around the world, after someone Photoshopped a selfie of his to include a suicide vest and a Qur’an. To his horror, Jubbal was being publicly linked to the Paris attacks.

According to Buzzfeed,

An image began to circulate on social media Saturday afternoon claiming to show one of the Paris attackers wearing a suicide bomb vest. The image was even shared by one of the largest — though unofficial — pro-ISIS channels on Telegram, the app that the extremist group used to take credit for the attacks in Paris.

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Comic Anthony Jeselnik Trashes “Thoughts & Prayers” Tweets. I Disagree With Him (I Think)

In the wake of the Paris attacks, just when humor seemed temporarily in bad taste and frozen in suspension, I laughed much harder at Anthony Jeselnik‘s monologue than maybe I should have. Jeselnik has a knack for telling deeply uncomfortable, cringe-inducing jokes, and this bit from his latest Netflix special is no exception.

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Lovelorn Man Lets Two Psychics Swindle Him Out of the Better Part of a Million Dollars

Niall Rice, a 33-year-old Internet consultant, is unenviable in many ways. He has a substance abuse problem, and he lost Michelle, the fabulous woman he met in a rehab clinic, to a drug overdose. She could have been the one, he says.

But the reason you’re reading about Rice today is because he took his sorrows to two “psychics,” Priscilla Kelly Delmaro (a.k.a. Christina) and a woman named Brandy (no last name given). They promptly started robbing him blind, Rice claims. According to a legal complaint he filed, the women relieved him of $718,000. At one point, he agreed to buy Brandy a $40,000 Tiffany’s ring “to ward off evil spirits.”

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