Norway Government Party Weighs Banning Circumcision, Reaping Fury From Rabbis and Jewish Groups

A proposed bill in Norway banning ritual circumcision of children until the age of 16 is sensible and humane, despite the complaints of religious leaders who call it an attack on their faith.


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Infuriating Jews and Upsetting Muslims, Belgium May Soon Ban Kosher and Halal Slaughter

Should Belgium require animals to be stunned before getting slaughtered? Not if Jews and Muslims have a say in the matter.


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Neuroscientists Link Some Brain Injuries To Religious Fundamentalism

Vietnam vets who suffered injuries to certain parts of the brain reported higher levels of religious fundamentalism.


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If Someone Mentions God When Asking You For a Loan, Run the Other Way

New research shows that if you loan money to someone and want to get it back, you may not want to hand it over to a person who mentions “God” in his pitch.


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Bill Nye’s Patronizing, Preachy Netflix Show Limps From Awkwardness to Embarrassment

Have you watched Bill Nye Saves the World? If you’re like me, you want those hours back.


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