Gina Makes the Case For Death With Dignity With Just Four Utterly Convincing Words

Gina is an agnostic woman in New Zealand who has has a genetic order that’s severely weakening her muscles. She is completely bed-ridden and can no longer speak. Sounds hurts her ears, and light does the same to her eyes, so she lies in the dark, in silence, waiting for the end.

A three-minute mini-documentary about Gina shows her communicating by touch alphabet. And though she has lost her physical voice, she gets her message across with startling clarity.


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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Angela Merkel In Testy Showdown Over a Ribald Protest Poem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pictured) and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel aren’t too comfortable with each other right now, and it’s all the fault of a strikingly foul-mouthed German TV comic.


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The BBC Looks Into Dinkoism, the Satirical Worship of an Ancient Cartoon Mouse

As Hemant noted recently, there’s a riotous new rodent in town that happens to be the Creator of All That Is:

According to devotees of India’s Dinkoist movement, the universe was created by a cartoon mouse called Dinkan many millions of years ago. But Dinkoism itself is one of the world’s newest faiths, having only been created by atheists in 2008 as a vehicle for parodying the excesses of organized religion.

That’s from a video report by the BBC, another sign (perhaps) that Dinkoism has arrived, at least in terms of media attention.


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The Tip That Led to Terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s Downfall Came From a Muslim Woman

Last November, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 28, became the most wanted man in Europe after authorities determined that the Belgian-Moroccan Muslim had been a key figure in the terrorist attacks on Paris that left 130 people dead.

The Washington Post has just learned what (and who) led to him being discovered:


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Watch: Saudi-Arabia’s Top Soccer Goalie Had To Get an Impromptu Pro-Islam Haircut on the Sideline

Waleed Abdullah is a world-class soccer player who has for years defended the goal of Saudi Arabia’s national team. That record of service wasn’t quite enough for Saudi soccer officials at a recent home match in Riyadh, however. Abdullah was kept from entering the pitch due to his unacceptable haircut.

Almost invisible in the videos I’ve watched of the incident, he apparently sported the tiniest mohawk. Allah disapproves, Abdullah was told, and so two hastily summoned men with scissors set to work on the goalie’s hair, removing fractions of an inch (if that) of his already stubbly growth.


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