In Idaho, Christian Woman Attempts To Beat Jesus’s Love Into Her Jewish Neighbor

What are some bruises and soreness compared to the eternal agony of hell? Getting beaten up for Jesus really was for the victim’s own good, don’t you see?

Marguerite Haragan [pictured], 58, pressed her foot into the throat of a Jewish woman while saying she’d “better accept Jesus,” an Ada County prosecutor said during Haragan’s arraignment Thursday.

Haragan’s verbal harassment of the woman – identified in court by her initials, “AG” – had been ongoing, including through phone calls, according to the prosecutor. But on Feb. 5, it reportedly escalated to violence.

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Dutch Court OKs Extradition of Fugitive Rabbi To Israel, Where He Is Wanted for Sex Crimes

Eliezer Berland has done more globetrotting in the last couple of years than many people do in a lifetime. But it hasn’t all been walks on the beach. Berland, 77, a Hasidic Israeli rabbi who fled his country in 2012 when he was credibly accused of sexual and physical abuse, has been shuttled from one location to the next.

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ISIS Beheads 21 Coptic Egyptians at the Beach, Feeding the Persecution Complex of American Christians

My friend Ben Corey, an Anabaptist blogger here at Patheos, has called out the ridiculous persecution complex of American Christians before.

But not like this.

Just ask yourselves, he pleads with Evangelicals and other Christian conservatives,

… what you’d say to those 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded on the beach this weekend.

Corey is referring to the words-fail-me cruelty that ISIS perpetrated in its latest video: the brutal mass killing of Egyptian Christians who had reportedly migrated to look for work and fell into the hands of the Islamist death cult. The Allah worshipers sawed off their captives’ heads while the victims cried in vain to their God.

I can hear the cries of “we know how you feel!” in my mind as I write this.

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The Associated Press Describes Mild-Mannered Atheism Memes as Carriers of “Vitriol”

In this news article, we learn from the Associated Press that triple-murder suspect Craig Stephen Hicks, according to his Facebook profile, loves his wife, his dog, hiking, nature, history, target shooting, and riding a motorcycle.

Then AP writers Allen G. Breed and Michael Biesecker need a segue to talk about Hicks’ atheism. So they came up with this:

But such descriptions stand in stark contrast to the vitriol Hicks espoused online.

Sounds serious. Make sure you’re sitting down as you behold these terrifying descriptions of pure malice.

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Professor Accuses “Irrationally Hateful” New Atheists of Being Zionists and Supporting Palestinian Genocide

False impressions ought to be corrected. One of mine was that if you teach at a university, you have learned how to think, and you’ve accepted that while you have a right to your own opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts.

I see now that I was wrong. Jamil Khader, a dean of research and professor of English at Bethlehem University in Palestine, has opened my eyes.

In an op-ed piece for Al Jazeera, Khader’s first foray into conclusion-jumping is to assert as fact that the Chapel Hill victims were murdered by an atheist because they were Muslims. (He even calls it, unbelievably enough, “an extra-judicial execution,” implying the behind-the-scenes involvement of some nefarious state player.)

I have spent more time than I wanted these past four days reminding people on both sides that we don’t yet know one way or the other. In other words, it’s seriously, disappointingly premature to insist that Craig Stephen Hicks killed out of atheistic fervor and anti-Muslim animus; just as it is distressingly partisan and over-early to aver that his anti-theism had nothing to do with it. When the investigators tell us what they’ve found, we’ll be a lot closer to the truth.

If Khader had left it there, I wouldn’t even be writing this. But look where he takes his argument:

Commentators who focus only on the Islamophobic sentiments of the perpetrator and frame this incident within the racial politics of the US, get it half right.

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