Woman Who Starved and Robbed Mentally Disabled People Says She Believes in God, and “He Knows What Happened”

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, along comes Pennsylvania native Linda Ann Weston (below), who spent a decade torturing at least 10 mentally disabled people, including four children. She imprisoned and starved all of them to gain control of their meager finances.

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Four-Year-Old Boy Reported Beheaded in “Tantric Ritual”; Hindu Killer Sought Divine Powers

Kali, the Indian goddess of destruction and rebirth, whom we previously met here and here, seems to have needed fresh sacrifices.

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Rick Santorum Vanishes (Politically)

Uber-pious presidential hopeful Rick Santorum may not feel hopeful much longer. Here, from the New York Times, is manna for Schadenfreude fans — a passage from a news article on his campaign to get nominated noticed in Iowa, a state where he’s currently polling around one percent despite his strategy to hold town hall meetings in all 99 counties:

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New York Mother Throws Infant Out of Fourth-Floor Window Because He Was Possessed By an “Evil Spirit”

An infant by the name of Rizwan Ahmad plummeted to his death from a fourth-floor apartment in Queens, New York on Friday. He wasn’t even one month old. The child had been too young to crawl or even roll over, police investigators realized, so their attention focused on the parents, immigrants from Bangladesh. Could they shed some light on their son’s death?

They sure could.

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Is This Islam-Themed Porn Movie Pure Hotness, or a “Fetishistic Fantasy Rooted in a White Savior Complex”?

If you like porn and you have a burning desire to get edumacated on the different types of Islamic women’s garments, I guess you could turn to the upcoming porn feature Women of the Middle East for, um, enlightenment. It features four scenes that each show

… a different type of veil — hijab, niqab, khimar, and burqa. [E]ach scene is meant to highlight or provide social commentary on a different aspect of women’s status in the Islamic world.

I don’t envy Vice author Mark Hay, who finds himself selling a bit of titillation in his article about the super-smutty film, while at the same time touting his culturally sensitive bona fides. Vice‘s headline reads “Shockingly, a Porno Featuring Hijabis and Niqabis Is Not Very Sensitive Toward Islam,” and Hay adds that

While the script tries to mix up the status quo of white male domination of brown women with a scene featuring a dominant veiled woman, and attempts to portray the lesser-seen world of conservative Muslim prostitution, it does so very ham-fistedly. What pops out may not be a demur [sic] hijabi getting gangbanged by aggressive Americans, but it’s still a fetishistic fantasy rooted in a white savior complex with a heavy garnish of Arabo-Muslim stereotypes.

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