Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell? This Christian Math Is Exactly As Solid As You Thought It Would Be

A friend just announced that when her time comes, she’ll be going to heaven. A Facebook app told her so.

Her scores are eye-popping:

go to heaven

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Guess That Bible Verse: Which One Did Thieving Pastor Pick To Name His Secret Bank Account?

Some members of the clergy run elaborate Ponzi schemes involving loans, or devise stock swindles, or enrich themselves with sham bond investments. Their take can be in the millions of dollars.

And then there’s the Rev. Corey Megill Brown, of Savannah, Georgia, who did nothing particularly sophisticated when he decided that “Thou shalt not steal” shouldn’t apply to him. Whenever he received a donation in the mail for his Second African Baptist Church, most of them from sick and shut-in members, he’d simply sluice the money into a personal account he’d set up for that purpose.


Over the course of ten years, Brown stole more than a quarter million dollars, in order to finance shopping trips for items including lingerie.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Told Child To Give Up Her Spot At NASA’s Space Camp Because It’s “Too Worldly”

When Laurel Sprengelmeyer, the Montreal musician known as Little Scream, was much younger, she dreamed of physics and astronomy and space travel. She had the brains, the discipline, and the curiosity to go far in those fields, and one day a letter arrived that thrilled her to her core.


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Judicial Tyrant Roy Moore Is Suspended For His Obstruction of Alabama Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

For a state Supreme Court chief justice, Alabama’s Roy Moore sure is a persistent lawbreaker. Now it’s catching up with him — again:


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Trump’s GOP Victory Has a Yuuuge Silver Lining: It Spells the Eventual Defeat of the Christian Right

Following Ted Cruz‘s exit from the GOP horserace, progressive Christian David Gushee, in a column for Religion News Service, makes a tantalizing point.


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