Catholic Church Refuses to Sell Former Den of Pedophile Vice to Same-Sex Couple… For Fear of ‘Gay Weddings’

In 2012, a married couple from Massachusetts, Alain Beret and James Fairbanks, came across a for-sale 44-room mansion in Northridge that they decided they wanted to buy and turn into a hotel. The seller was the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.

The negotiations seemed to go well until the padres began to imagine what Fairbanks and Beret might do with the place. Would they perhaps (shudder) have gay weddings there? The very thought was too much, so the diocese instructed its real-estate broker to politely tell Fairbanks and Beret to buzz off.

The reason behind the refusal might have never come to light if not for a dumb mistake by the broker. When she emailed the prospective buyers, she inadvertently sent along the message from Monsignor Thomas Sullivan to her.

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Bible Society Relabels ‘Antagonists’ As ‘Skeptics’; Hardcore Doubters Are Now As Numerous As True Bible Lovers

People who dismiss the Bible as just a bunch of man-made stories are now as numerous as those who are so enamored of the Good Book that they read it at least four times a week:

The number of Americans who read Scripture at least four times a week and believe that it is the inspired word of God has fallen to just under 1 in 5, according to new research from the American Bible Society (ABS).

The same percentage of Americans (19 percent) are now “antagonistic” toward the Bible, reading it less than once per month and believing it is a book of teachings written by men that contain stories and advice.

“Antagonistic” is a loaded descriptor, something the ABS belatedly realized. So after their initial release, earlier this week, the survey results were recast as follows, according to Christianity Today:

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This Is How Bizarre and Ineffective Sex Education Is In Mississippi Schools

The Mississippi legislature decided in 2011 that all seventh- and eighth-graders in the state should undergo sex education. It’s not been an unqualified success, to put it mildly. About one in eight school districts have not implemented any sex education at all, and where it has been put in place, male and female students are instructed in separate classrooms — and condom demonstrations are prohibited by law.

Creative educators may, however, use a sock and their own foot to simulate what using a condom is like. (I kid you not.)

And then there’s this:

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Minnesota GOP Candidate Is Running For Congress Because School-Taught Evolution Made His Daughter Cry

Minnesota resident Aaron Miller has two daughters. As a concerned father, he wants to shield them from the burdens of learning about evolution. So Miller, a conservative, is running for Congress — not just for his own kids, but for the benefit of other people’s evolution-averse offspring too. Part of his plank:

“There’s a war on our values by the government. We should decide what is taught in our schools, not Washington, D.C.”

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