Adults and Children in India Pray For Tamil Leader’s Health By Piercing Their Skin (and Worse)

Oh religion, you so crazy.

amma crane hang

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God Won’t Change the Weather for Your Wedding Day

Imagine being a wedding planner, and dealing with a bride and groom who just know that the skies will be sunny and clear on their big day.

How can they be so sure? Because Jesus.


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In London, Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Is Jailed For Five Years. Should He Have Been Convicted?

Anjem Choudary is a Muslim preacher who has made many incendiary statements over the years, perhaps even driving some to the path of radicalization. But should he be punished for what others do with his words?


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This Is Worse Than the Worst Scene From Jesus Camp

This American Life, the radio program headed by Ira Glass, has been recycling some interesting old episodes of late. The other day, this one, from 1998, made it to broadcast again. It’s about summer camps, and it contains a segment about listeners’ memories of their camp days. Two of the accounts stood out for me, because they described a religion-induced mental cruelty that made my blood turn cold.


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Based on How the Jewish Year Is Written In Hebrew, It’s Clear the Messiah Is About to Arrive

How do you know the Jewish Messiah‘s long-awaited appearance is nigh? Because תשע”ו. (Obviously.)


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