Be Nice, Don’t Talk About Faith: a New Pew Poll Looks at the Absence of Religious Conversation

Talking about faith is largely off-limits in America, but the highly religious didn’t get the message. That’s one of the conclusions in the latest study by the Pew Research Center.


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From Our “Atheists Eating Babies” Desk

[Caution: graphic images ahead. Of, um, cakes.]

As an atheist, I didn’t really feel part of the club until I ate a baby for the first time. It was moist and sweet and delicious.

Like all of Katherine Dey‘s cakes.

Actually, I don’t know that (I made it all up), but this is true: Dey is a cake artist and a nurse in Rochester. I trust she is a level-headed medical professional, but as a baker she is a tad unhinged, in a fun, schlocky, Wes Craven / Tom Six kind of way.

I love (looking at) her masterful cakes. But since they’re not for the squeamish, I’ll ease you into it, and show a fairly innocuous one (oops, unless you’re a Muslim or a practicing Jew, I guess) before graduating to, well, newborns.


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Malaysian Lawyer Explains That You May Pick Your Faith, But You May Never Leave It

A prominent Malaysian attorney says that if you’re a Muslim in his country, you’re a Muslim until the day you die (and plenty of his brethren want to help you die soon if you’re wicked enough to leave the One True Faith).

It was perhaps a little unexpected that such an illiberal opinion should come from Malaysia, a country that has a constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. But in a recent article, Muslim Lawyers Association president Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar made it clear that in his interpretation of the land’s supreme law,

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution merely accords Malaysians the right to practice their own faith, but not to switch religions. “Saying that apostasy is a right for Muslims is straying from the real purpose of the religion,” Zainul said.


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Gina Makes the Case For Death With Dignity With Just Four Utterly Convincing Words

Gina is an agnostic woman in New Zealand who has has a genetic order that’s severely weakening her muscles. She is completely bed-ridden and can no longer speak. Sounds hurts her ears, and light does the same to her eyes, so she lies in the dark, in silence, waiting for the end.

A three-minute mini-documentary about Gina shows her communicating by touch alphabet. And though she has lost her physical voice, she gets her message across with startling clarity.


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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Angela Merkel In Testy Showdown Over a Ribald Protest Poem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pictured) and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel aren’t too comfortable with each other right now, and it’s all the fault of a strikingly foul-mouthed German TV comic.


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