This Is Perhaps the Finest Humanistic Text In Existence — and Chances Are You’ve Never Read It

A couple of days ago, I casually mentioned the Hippocratic Oath, and it occurred to me that while I knew what it says in general terms, I’d never actually read the whole thing (kinda like most politicians and the Constitution, or most Christians and the Bible).

So out of curiosity, I looked it up — and I was floored. Seriously: this is the most inspiring and beautiful text I’ve read it all year. Much love and admiration are due to every doctor — and every nurse — who truly practices according to these principles.

It even mentions God… in a fully appropriate, non-cringe-inducing way.


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Toronto Catholics Are Angry That a Local Hospital Has Dropped the Cross From Its Logo

Toronto-area Catholics got quite cross recently, because

St. Joseph’s Health Centre unveiled [a] new logo earlier this month as part of what it described as a “renewal” of its brand and the launch of a new fundraising campaign. It features bold capital letters, but no cross.

Like so:


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Walter White Lives! Indiana Pastor Pleads Guilty to Producing Almost 100 Tons of Synthetic Drugs

I thought I’d seen everything when it comes to clergy and drugs. For instance, three years ago, Monsignor Kevin Wallin got caught dealing some four pounds of meth (and generally being a kinky sumbich) in Connecticut. He followed in the footsteps of the Reverend Mark Derksen, of Arizona, who sold heroin to all comers (but only, he claimed, to bring poor souls “closer to God”).

Now an Indiana representative of God, fundamentalist preacher Robert Jaynes, may have outdone them both, having produced, with others, close to 200,000 pounds of “spice” or “K2,” a synthetic drug.

Walter White lives — but he’s no chemistry teacher.


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Tennessee House Bill Would Let Therapists Refuse to Treat Atheists, Gay People, and Other Sinners

As religious meddling by the state goes, this one’s a doozy: If Tennessee’s House Bill 1840 passes, mental health counselors in the Volunteer State will be allowed by law to refuse service to non-believers and others who desire results that conflict with the counselors’ religious beliefs.

So let’s say you’re looking for help to get you through your divorce. Or imagine you’re having relationship issues with your same-sex partner. Or suppose you’re a budding young atheist who wants advice on how to stay on good terms with your fundamentalist parents. After HB 1840 becomes the law, your pious counselor, in thrall to Jesus Christ, may wash his or her hands of you, professional standards be damned.


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Some Christians Now Ask Waitstaff To Pray With Them Over the Meal

This past weekend, Redditor ByTheCreed had a particularly memorable meal with the in-laws. The family went to a restaurant, and when dinner was served — surprise! — ByTheCreed’s in-laws asked the waitress to pray with them. In a public eatery.


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