Amish Father Nixes Cops’ Request For a Picture of His Kidnapped Daughter, Because It Would Displease God

When two preteen sisters were abducted from the town of Oswegatchie in upstate New York recently, police quickly sprang into action. Naturally, officers asked the parents for photos of their daughters, so that the girls’ likenesses could be distributed in a bid to bring the young victims back.

The reply was unusual:

The family had none: They were Amish, a community that generally prohibits photographs partly based on the biblical injunction against likenesses.

The cops then proposed that the parents work with a police sketch artist to produce pictures of the girls.

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With a Tweet Advocating the Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies, Richard Dawkins Proves He Has Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Yesterday, in a discussion about abortion on Richard Dawkins‘ Twitter feed, this happened:

He’s had quite the year, hasn’t he?

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Respectable Theory or “Pathologizing Belief”? Russian Scientists Posit That Microbes Spread Religiosity

It should come as no surprise that certain sacred religious practices are remarkably unhygienic. Holy water in church fonts tends to be rife with fecal bacteria. Believers who ritually kiss the same holy stone or other religious artifacts no doubt end up sharing microbes. Millions take ritual baths in filthy lakes and waterways in which human waste and dead bodies float conspicuously on the surface. And closer to home, well, are you sure that Father Murphy washed his hands before pinching a series of eucharists between his fleshy fingers and putting the Jesus crackers, and maybe those digits, on one wet tongue after another?

Could habits like these have anything to do with the spread of religiosity itself? Are some microbes essentially carriers and distributors of faith?

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Religious Organizations in India Manage to Gather 82 Signatures (So Far) Against ISIS

In India, according to a local news site,

A panel of seven members from various Muslim and Christian organizations came together on Tuesday to condemn the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other outfits responsible for creating and supporting them, at a press conference held at Islam gymkhana at Marine Lines.

They have so far received 82 signatures from activists and leaders of various communities and professional organizations to support this cause.

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A Lot of Progressive Christians Are Actually Atheists, Claims Ivy League Law Professor

If you think that atheism is simply the absence of a belief in gods, Robert P. George reckons he can teach you a thing or two. Literally.

George (below), a law professor who is professionally affiliated with Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford universities, just penned a piece for First Things, a publication that bills itself as “America’s Most Influential Journal of Religion and Public Life.” It’s a doozy. You see, George has discovered that there are actually three atheist creeds.

Follow along:

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