Alcoholics Anonymous, Now Available Without God

If I were addicted and wanted help, I might rather suffer the consequences of abusing drugs or alcohol than pretend that the required verbal ablutions in Alcoholics Anonymous meant anything to me at all.

Six or seven of the famous twelve steps refer to God or to prayer. The final step is to achieve sobriety and experience it as a “spiritual awakening.” Through it all, prayer is a staple at almost every AA meeting.

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Kicking Ass For the Lord

If you’re wondering what’s happening in this video, it’s Paul Hill, the executive director of Vibrant Faith Ministries, performing a karate routine while reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

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U.K. Telegraph Writer Says America May Be ‘Turning Secular Much Faster Than We Realize’

Peter Foster, the U.S. editor for the British Telegraph, says we may all have been missing a tantalizing trend.

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Snake-Handling: Like Father, Like Son

Is courage piety a death wish stupidity a hereditary trait? One young pastor offers up strong evidence:

The newest pastor in the “Snake Salvation” church says he will also refuse treatment if he’s bitten in the same way that killed his father a week ago.

Cody Coots says he will also handle the same snake that killed his father during an afternoon service in Kentucky. The pastor says if paramedics come to help him, he’ll send them away, just like his father did.

He said: “I will lay right there and say to everyone that it’s God’s will. If it’s good enough to live by, then it’s good enough to die by.”

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Columnist Says That To Reinvigorate Failing Churches, Christians Should Try Harder To Push Their Faith On Others

The Item is a small newspaper in South Carolina that occasionally publishes the thoughts of a faith columnist called Jamie Wilson. In her latest piece, quoted approvingly by the Christian Post, Wilson says that dwindling church attendance can be reversed with more aggressive proselytizing.

That’s right. Churchy people need to become more extroverted, gosh-darnit! They should overcome their legendary reticence to yammer on about their faith already! They ought to finally get comfortable buttonholing people, and laying Jesus trips on them!

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