Catholic School Basketball Team Fans Yelled “You Killed Jesus” at Opponents They Thought Were Jewish

Friday night’s basketball game in Massachusetts between Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury and Newton North High School went to the Catholic hosts (ha, hosts — see what I inadvertently did there?). But despite winning the match 77-73, the Catholic team can be said to have lost, too.

That’s because the home team fans jeered “You killed Jesus” at the visiting students. Newton North High School has many pupils who are Jewish.


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“I Am Qadri”: 100,000 Pakistani Muslims Attend Assassin’s Funeral, Admiring His Butchery

Last year, we told you what you can expect if you murder someone for Allah and you live in Pakistan. You might just become an instant folk hero.

That’s what happened to Malik Mumtaz Hussein Qadri. In January of 2011, Qadri, a personal bodyguard, fired more than two dozen submachine-gun rounds into Punjabi governor Salmaan Taseer (pictured), the man he was sworn to protect. Taseer’s crime? He opposed Pakistan’s blasphemy law and had worked for the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for allegedly having insulted Islam’s prophet.


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Nigerian Terrorist Group Boko Haram, Having Driven Out Scores of Farmers, Is on the Hunt for Food

Oh, the irony:

After rampaging across the region for years, forcing more than two million people to flee their homes and farms, Boko Haram appears to be falling victim to a major food crisis of its own creation. Farmers have fled, leaving behind fallow fields. Herdsmen have rerouted cattle drives to avoid the violence. Throughout the region, entire villages have emptied, leaving a string of ghost towns with few people for Boko Haram to dominate — and little for the group to plunder.

That almost seems like good news, especially when you summarize it as the New York Times did today — “Boko Haram Falls Victim to a Food Crisis It Created.”

But, as the paper also points out, tens of thousands of innocents are close to starving, and the Islamic terrorists are now exporting their violent handiwork, making deep excursions into neighboring Cameroon to plunder whatever food supplies they can find.


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The Wearable Bible: Printed on a Silicon Chip, This Good Book Is Intended to Be Used As Jewelry

I’ve always thought of the Bible as big in global impact but small in moral stature. After all, the tome describes how the Almighty drowns all the Earth’s creatures in a fit of pique; and after the planet is repopulated, He kills all of Egypt’s firstborns, has naughty children torn apart by bears, et cetera. That’s some God, and some “Good Book.”

Now there is physical copy of the Bible that metaphorically matches the moral size of this preposterous page-turner.


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After Years of Relentless Violence, Bangladeshi High Court Considers Nixing Islam as State Religion

Bangladesh’s constitution dates back to 1972, when the country adopted secularism as one of its founding principles. Since then, subsequent governments have made a mess of things:

[The] government of military ruler-turned politician slain president Ziaur Rahman scrapped secularism as the state policy and his successor ex-army chief HM Ershad, who followed [in] his footsteps, made Islam the state religion in 1988.

Then, 20 years later,

Assuming power with three-fourths majority…, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League government revived secularism as one of the state principles but kept untouched the provision of state religion due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Mustn’t upset the violent extremists.


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