Pakistani Assassins Kill U.S. Doctor In Front of His Wife and Toddler Son… for Being the “Wrong” Kind of Muslim

Mehdi Ali Qamar spent his adult life helping others. The 50-year-old doctor from Lancaster, Ohio,

… regularly visited Pakistan, bringing with him medical equipment and supplies he collected in charity drives in the U.S., said his childhood friend Sultan Mubashir.

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South Carolina Bible College President is Placed Under Detention for Slavery and Exploitation

The Good Book condones slavery and exploitation in multiple chapters and verses, so Reginald Wayne Miller, the president and founder of South Carolina’s Cathedral Bible College, can still be considered a true man of the Bible. But if the charges against him are true, there’s something else he deserves to be called: a felon.

A judge put Miller on home detention and had him fitted with an electronic ankle monitor just days into an ongoing federal investigation. The probe allegedly revealed that the former pastor habitually forced foreign students to perform non-academic work on the campus and at his home for a pittance or for nothing; pay ranged from $0 to $50 a week. Prosecutors say that Miller retaliated against those who complained or refused, by blustering that he would cancel their student visas, in effect sending them packing to their country of origin.

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Darwin & Dawkins & Twain: Richard Dawkins to Star in Contemporary British Opera

Would you, by any chance, be interested in a story about

… “religious murder, deception, corruption, superstition, genocide, and a mysterious stranger who leads a lad away from it all to start a life of secular compassion”?

If so, try to catch Mysterious 44, a modern opera based on Mark Twain‘s unfinished novel The Mysterious Stranger.

Inspired by the writings of Darwin, Twain’s story is set in 1490, a few decades after the invention of Gutenberg’s press and the start of the Renaissance. Three boys are approached by a mysterious stranger who calls himself “44″ after a wrongly-accused woman is stoned to death. Like the monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the stranger sparks self-realization, and one boy steps forward to question superstition and religion.

The brand new opera, based on Twain’s incomplete book, was written by Dr. Kevin Sorbo Malone, a University of Manchester lecturer in composition. One of the stage personalities will be none other than Richard Dawkins, and we’re told that he has a singing (or speaking?) part.

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Redditor: My Grandfather Molested Me and My Dad Did Nothing, Preferring to Let God Sort It Out

God knows best. Who are we to second-guess Him?

That mindset, taken to its extreme, destroys lives. Here‘s a horrifying example.

As with almost all personal pseudonymous accounts on Reddit, this one isn’t verifiable. It’s worth calling attention to regardless, because the religious reasoning here is, in its own hermetic, insane way, so simple and straightforward. And certainly, millions of people think very much like this. To a true-blue believer of the Bible, of course an almighty interventionist God will, well, intervene to prevent evil — if He wills it. If not, we’ll have to grit our teeth and tough it out. God will not be questioned. Remember — mysterious ways, and all that.

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Catholic Principal Mortified By Ellen DeGeneres Photo on School Dance Invitations; Vows to Destroy All Copies

A couple of months ago, NPR broadcast a good piece titled “How Ellen DeGeneres Helped Change the Conversation About Gays.”

It said:

Perhaps the biggest cultural shock that resulted from [her] very famous and public coming out was that it did not ruin DeGeneres’ career. Ellen didn’t last too much longer, nor did her follow-up sitcom, The Ellen Show, but DeGeneres’ career took off and mainstream America followed.

One person who didn’t get the memo is the principal of St. Andrew Elementary School in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The other day, Nancy Matteo (below), a decorated educator, “unthinkingly” used a photo of Ellen DeGeneres on an invitation to an Oscars-themed graduation dance. Parents soon began complaining to the school and to the Archdiocese and got satisfaction from both.

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