Pastor Kevin Swanson Compares Gay People to Nazis, Cannibals

Mark Twain was possessed by the devil. The punishment for reading Harry Potter books should be drowning. Say no to Girl Scout cookies, because they lead to the promotion of lesbianism.

If you can’t get enough of the peculiar brand of hysteria that reliably pours out of Pastor Kevin Swanson, here’s his latest:

“I know homosexuals love each other.

And cannibals love their victims. And the nazis love their children.”


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The Confused States of America: the Daily Show Explains the Difference Between Muslims and Sikhs

Do Americans know that, turbans notwithstanding, Sikhs are not Muslims? If the street interviews on that topic by Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj are any guide, the answer is “Sadly, no.”


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Family-Values Champion and GOP Rock Dennis Hastert, Sexual Abuser of Boys, Gets 15 Months

The mighty have fallen: Dennis Hastert is going to prison for a year and three months, in a case that involves his sexual abuse of at least four boys as young as 14.


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Turkish Parliament Speaker Wants To Ditch Secular Law, Move to Religion-Based Constitution

I don’t know a better alternative to democracy, but democracy sure can be scary. If, hypothetically, we let Americans vote in a referendum on whether they want to keep the already-porous wall between state and church intact, I wouldn’t bet that a majority is going to stand up for the First Amendment and its Establishment Clause.

That’s by way of introducing you to Turkey’s parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman, who wants to substitute Turkey’s secular constitution for a religious one. That’s completely at odds with founding father Mustafa Kemal Atatürk‘s vision of a secular republic. But Kahraman’s proposal might not prove to be that unpopular in a country where more than 90 percent of the population is said to identify as Muslim.


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Librarians Cull Outdated Books; These 11 Are Among the Most WTF Discards

Ideally, all books should remain available forever. In practice, libraries’ shelf space is limited, and patrons more readily gravitate to a new Carl Hiaasen novel or a recent biography by Doris Kearns Goodwin than they do to a 1954 tome on proper housekeeping. What are librarians supposed to do?

They weed. And what they weed is sometimes immortalized on a very entertaining website called Awful Library Books. It’s run by two Michigan librarians, Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner, who are the subject of a current New Yorker article.

I just spent an enjoyable hour looking at Kelly’s and Hibner’s digital collection of the doomed, especially at titles that reference religion. Here are 11 books that jumped out at me — scorching my retinas and making me headdesk till I bruised.

the rod1

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