Think That All Babies Are Born as Atheists? This Guy Swears They’re Actually Muslims

“All babies are born Muslim,” said a man whose comment makes no sense at all.


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Report: Ark Replica Isn’t Allowed to Leave Denmark Until Dutch “Noah” Pays His Bill

A Danish Noah’s Ark replica won’t be allowed to sail anywhere after the people who own it refused to pay the workers who repaired it.


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Not a Single Psychic in the World Came Close To Guessing a Dead Man’s Secret Message

Editors of a Norwegian TV show asked a man dying of cancer to write a secret message on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope, and put it in a safe. They wanted to know if any psychic who claims to have a connection to the “other side” could tell us what his note said.


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Adults and Children in India Pray For Tamil Leader’s Health By Piercing Their Skin (and Worse)

Oh religion, you so crazy.

amma crane hang

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God Won’t Change the Weather for Your Wedding Day

Imagine being a wedding planner, and dealing with a bride and groom who just know that the skies will be sunny and clear on their big day.

How can they be so sure? Because Jesus.


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