Can Religion Solve Social Problems? Fewer Americans Than Ever Before Say Yes

Can churches and other places of worship provide meaningful solutions to social problems? A record number of Americans no longer believe it, reveals a new Pew poll.


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Pokémon No — Finally, a Reason to Move to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always sounded like a dank theocratic hellhole to me, but I have to give props to the country’s highest Allah interpreters for attempting to outlaw the preternaturally annoying smartphone game Pokémon Go (hereafter to be referred to as PFG).


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Priest Who Stole From the Poor and Got a Slap On the Wrist Will Serve Serious Time After All

Justice has been served for a priest who stole money from charity intended to help the poor. But not before a judge consulted with God.


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A Rabbi’s Speeding Tickets Are Quashed; Is This Moth Story Supposed to Be Cute?

Is this an entertaining story from a rabbi or a tale of religious privilege taken too far?


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Influence of U.S. Evangelicals Is Seen In Epidemic of LGBT Murders In Brazil

Brazil has long viewed and sold itself as a playground for sultry, steamy sexy-time, as well a haven of tolerance. And it may well be — for straight people. For LGBT Brazilians, the truth is a helluva lot darker and scarier.


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