A Lot of Progressive Christians Are Actually Atheists, Claims Ivy League Law Professor

If you think that atheism is simply the absence of a belief in gods, Robert P. George reckons he can teach you a thing or two. Literally.

George (below), a law professor who is professionally affiliated with Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford universities, just penned a piece for First Things, a publication that bills itself as “America’s Most Influential Journal of Religion and Public Life.” It’s a doozy. You see, George has discovered that there are actually three atheist creeds.

Follow along:

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Why Christians’ Tiresome “Victim” Routine Just Won’t Die

Despite what some Christian critics recklessly allege, we’ve never made light of actual religious persecution here on Friendly Atheist.

On the contrary. Example one. Example two. Example three. Example four. Example five. Example six. Example seven. Example eight. Example nine. Example ten. But neither do we shy away from calling bullshit on the kind of claimed religious persecution that just isn’t. Usually, Christians in the West who claim they’re being oppressed just tickle my funny bone. Occasionally, they go so far over the line that their plaint about “angry” atheists becomes a self-fulfilling observation.

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Followers of the Religion of Peace Behead Another U.S. Journalist

In 2012, James Foley, a freelance journalist for GlobalPost, Agence-France Presse, went missing in Syria and was presumed kidnapped. Today, he showed up in a video released by ISIS.

CNN reports:

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When You’re a Christian, But Not Christian Enough

Redditor ThisDharmaBum writes:

So I get a call from my mom, who is crying. She has been a Christian all her life, but hasn’t attended church regularly since my folks split up 20 years ago. All the while she has remained Christian: praying, reading the Bible, etc.

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New York Police Department Says Religious Headwear Is Not Suitable For Its Officers; Protests Ensue

Via the New York Daily News, with minor alterations on my part:

A group representing the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is accusing the NYPD of religious discrimination. Pastafarians, speaking from their Manhattan headquarters, alleged yesterday that the NYPD barred FSM worshipers from the department because they don’t allow them to wear colanders in place of police-issued hats.

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