Muslims Attack Istanbul Music Event, Upset That It Took Place During Ramadan

Yesterday, a listening event at an independent record store in Istanbul, where Radiohead fans were celebrating the release of the group’s new album, unexpectedly turned violent when outraged religionists showed up.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.47.24 AM

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After Jailing a Dutch Rape Victim For Three Months, Qatar Sentences Her To a Fine and Expulsion

In late 2010, the international soccer federation FIFA announced that the 2022 soccer World Cup tournament would be hosted by Qatar (against all reason, and amid swirling corruption allegations). The only good I thought would come out of that was that the tiny Salafist-Islamic state would perhaps be forced to rethink or soften some of its worst religion-driven, sexist customs.


That doesn’t appear to be happening yet, if the case of an unnamed Dutch rape victim is any guide.

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Was Orlando Killer Omar Mateen a Self-Loathing Gay Man?

Did mass murderer Omar Mateen decide to kill dozens of gay people because of his Muslim faith? Because he had become radicalized by ISIS? Because he couldn’t stand the sight of two men kissing where his wife and young child saw them, as his father alleged? Because he suffered from extreme anger and other mental issues?

It could very well be any combination of these, or all of the above. But now there’s a stunning new factor in the mix.


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Donald Trump Seems To Link President Obama To Radical Islam With String of Insinuations

Yesterday, Donald Trump performed a time-tested rhetorical trick that allowed him to lob scurrilous accusations without having to be accountable for them.


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Soldier Who Did Two Tours of Iraq Is Arrested For Threatening and Bacon-Baiting U.S. Muslims

A major in the U.S. Army Reserves was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill members of a Raeford, North Carolina mosque. Major Russell Thomas Langford is also suspected of having dumped open packages of bacon at the mosque’s entrance.


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