Fraud Victims: “He Was Christian; Of Course I Would Believe Him”

No matter the volumes of evidence to the contrary, theists still believe that other theists — especially those in their own tribe — are automatically trustworthy.

I was reminded of that when I read the story of Vincent Ciccone and his wife Karen, Canadians who, on Wednesday, in Kitchener, Ontario, were arrested for large-scale financial fraud.

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Why It’s Insane That Much of the Left Rejects Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Sam Harris as Their Liberal Bedfellows

I found much to enjoy, even relish, in the friendly conversation between Ayaan Hirsi and Sam Harris that you can read in its entirety here.

Hemant quoted some great highlights from it earlier, but there are a couple of other passages that stood out for me, including those about liberalism.

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New Hampshire Father Protests a Youth Novel, Is Arrested For Exceeding His Allotted Time at a School Board Meeting

In the video below, an agitated New Hampshire father named William Baer is arrested for getting mouthy at a school board meeting in Gilford, New Hampshire, two days ago. He begins talking out of turn at 0:22, and after about half a minute an honest-to-god cop motions for him to submit to arrest, which Baer, flummoxed and incredulous, ultimately does.

By 1:59, he’s in handcuffs. Off to the paddy wagon with him, I guess.

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With Nigeria’s Approval, U.S. Forces Will Help Hunt Down Boko Haram to Free the 200-Plus Abducted Girls

After the international media drumbeat about the Boko Haram mass abduction built to a deafening noise in the past 72 hours, the U.S. White House and the State Department have decided to get involved, probably militarily.

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There’s Still Nothing Remotely Honorable About Honor Killings, As These Stories of Betrayal and Murder Attest

From the New York Times comes a gut-punching article about the continuing “honor killings” of young women in Afghanistan:

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