How They See Us (Special Outpouring of Hate Edition)

Yesterday, I explained how the Freedom From Atheism Foundation lied by blaming godless activists for banning large groups of Christians from the site of the Reason Rally. In truth, the request to keep a distance was made by the Washington D.C. police. To be precise, the cops asked one particularly large group of Christian would-be attendees to reconsider showing up together, because large, planned demonstrations and counter-demonstrations require permits… for which the Christians hadn’t applied.

The FFAF chose to disregard that inconvenient truth. It blamed unnamed atheists, and asked innocently why the godless are so intolerant, and so afraid of Christians like Ray Comfort, who were only going to be there to show unbelievers some love.

Well, here is some of that love that (predominantly) Christians would like to have given us.

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With Lie About the Reason Rally, Freedom From Atheism Foundation Smears the Godless… Again

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation would never lie about atheists, except on any day that ends in the letter y.

This went up on the outfit’s Facebook page this morning:


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Dutch Replica of Noah’s Ark Suffers Damage In Collision at Oslo Port

The last time we wrote about the Dutch ark that was built by Bible-besotted carpenter Johan Huibers, we wished it bon voyage and Godspeed.

Looks like the Almighty had other plans.


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Man Is Attacked With Machetes By Muslim Boys Who Were Upset He Wasn’t Fasting

A Nigerian carpenter on his lunch break says that he was accosted by about six Muslim boys who

asked me whether I was a Muslim or a Christian. I did not answer them. They asked me why I was not fasting. I told them that I am not a Muslim.”

That’s when the violence started.


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Klepto Clergyman Spent His Ill-Gotten Gains on Getting More Religious

When clergy get in the habit of stealing, most of the time their loot turns out to have been spent on luxury items, from cars and vacations to lingerie and fancy meals.

By contrast, a Hindu priest named Ravi of Kalka, alias Pujari, stole $160,000 worth of cash and jewelry from two homes in India, and used the money to get closer to his gods.


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