About Tracey Moody

An atheist dropped in the heart of the Christian publishing world - Nashville, Tennessee. I'm trying my best to keep a good attitude and friendly disposition while being surrounded by people with imaginary friends.

Creationist Ken Ham Does Unspeakable Things with a T. Rex in This Erotic Novel

You didn’t know the book existed until this moment, and now you’ll never be able to get it out of your head…


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Female Christian Shop Owner Won’t Sell Pink Pussyhat Yarn to Those Fighting For Women’s Equality

A Tennessee knitting store owner is refusing to do business with anyone who comes to her shop for “pussyhat” pink yarn — or other supplies to be used in support of the “vulgarity, vile and evilness” of the feminist movement.


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Rush Limbaugh Thinks Solar Panels Are Useless Because the Sun Goes Down at Night

Of all of the racist, ignorant, offensive, sexist things Rush Limbaugh has said over the years, this one may win the prize for most objectively wrong statement he’s ever made.


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Evolution is More Beautiful and Accessible Than Ever in a New Children’s Book

The best children’s books are the ones that an adult not only enjoys reading to a child, but also teaches them something new. That’s the case with the evolution-themed Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life. As an avid collector of children’s books, this is the most scientifically thorough and visually satisfying example I’ve ever seen in an under-represented category.


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Sausage Party: A Film About Groceries Going Godless

If you just saw the trailer, you might think Sausage Party is a film about profanity-spewing food. It’s actually a substantive reflection on religion. We know our beliefs about God and the afterlife can be shaken up in an instant. The question is: Will we embrace the evidence or cling to what’s comfortable?


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