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An atheist dropped in the heart of the Christian publishing world - Nashville, Tennessee. I'm trying my best to keep a good attitude and friendly disposition while being surrounded by people with imaginary friends.

Where Can I Find Killing Jesus?

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Richard Dawkins to Visit Georgia’s Kennesaw State University on November 21

Atheists of the South, rejoice! It’s not often we’re able to coax icons of the atheist movement to the thick strap of the Bible Belt. Fortunately for us, a group at Kennesaw State University, KSU Atheists United (who have had their campus flyers vandalized in the past), were able to get the funding to host An Evening With Richard Dawkins.

Only 600 tickets were made available, which seems like a relatively cozy audience with good odds of getting a word in with the Horseman during Q&A.

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Happy Sagan Day!

Carl Sagan was born 80 years ago today. Although we’re still mourning his passing, he left a legacy of curiosity and optimism worthy of celebration.

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I Threw a Bible-Based Halloween Party and Here’s How It Went

I was gearing up for Halloween when I came across The UN-Halloween Book at a used bookstore. It assured me I could still enjoy this time of year without “honoring the evil in the world.”

This alternative to Halloween wanted to replace “witch craft, demons, and trick-or-treating” — which I always considered harmless cultural rituals — for safe, clean, Bible-based fun. Feeling concerned about my past glorification of the dark side, I decided to renounce my typical Reese’s Cup sacrifice for a night of faith-based lessons, purity, and plagues!

(Yes, plagues. Just wait and see.)

Sadly, all of my friends suddenly came down with various illnesses the night of the party and were unable to attend. Or so they told me.

Here’s what they missed:

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That’s One Reason the Harry Potter Series is Different from the Bible

There are plenty more reasons where that came from.

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