The Univ. of Central Florida Now Explicitly Features Resources for Atheists on Its Website

This is an incredibly important resource for the growing population of non-religious students.


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FFRF to Donald Trump in Full-Page New York Times Ad: “We Are Not a Nation of Believers”

Donald Trump is going to be infuriated by this ad… if he ever decides to open up a newspaper.


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Betsy DeVos: Schools Rejecting Black and Gay Students Should Still Get Federal Funding

To Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, “school choice” matters far more than protecting the rights of LGBT and African-American students.


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Psychic Who “Speaks” to Unborn Babies Gets Glowing Coverage on Houston “News” Channel

This story about a psychic who “speaks” to the unborn is nothing but a fluff piece masquerading as news.


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New Zealand Fails to Abolish Blasphemy Law (Even Though No One Is Defending It)

Until this law is repealed, it’ll continue to be a stain on the nation’s reputation.


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