Do Atheists Ever “Find God”?

Do atheists ever seriously “find God”? Yes! It happens. Not often, but occasionally. So let’s talk about why.


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Podcast Ep. 149: Alex J. O’Connor, YouTube’s Cosmic Skeptic

Our latest podcast guest is Alex J. O’Connor, a YouTuber who makes videos on the Cosmic Skeptic channel. I’ve really enjoyed his work in the few months since he began posting content and this was my first opportunity to talk to him.


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Billy Graham Can’t Explain Why Some Atheists Are Good and Some Christians Are Not

Someone threw Rev. Billy Graham a softball for his advice column. He didn’t just strike out. He fell down, caused a double play, and acted like he hit a home run.


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What’s the Opposite of Theodicy?

Why does a good God let evil happen in the world? Forget that question. Maybe we should be asking why a decent world permits God to do evil things…


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Don’t Let Religion Get in the Way of Your Relationships

One problem with religion is that it pushes believers to prioritize silly beliefs over common sense and basic human decency. So if you’re refusing to help your child get married because it’s not taking place in your temple, remember: the problem isn’t your child.


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