Feelgood Story of the Day: In Lovely Gesture, Muslim Bride Places Her Bouquet at Tribute to Sydney Hostage Victims

I’m glowing a little inside, and I don’t think it’s the eggnog:

As the Sydney siege memorial grows, a Muslim bride has made a pilgrimage to Martin Place on her wedding day. Manal Kassem was adorned in a white dress, hijab and veil when she laid her wedding bouquet on the river of floral tributes to the fatal Lindt cafe siege victims. After watching the wedding party approach, the city crowd broke into applause.

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Franciscan Group Says It Could Go Bankrupt Due to Multi-Million Dollar Theft By Its Own Friars

By their fruits shall ye know them:

One of the largest Franciscan religious orders, founded on the humble teachings of St. Francis of Assisi more than 800 years ago, announced it is on the brink of bankruptcy after admitting some of its friars embezzled funds from its accounts.

The Italian news magazine Panorama on Friday reported that tens of millions of dollars were missing from the Order of Friars Minor and had been invested in offshore companies.

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Anti-Gay Pastor Gaylard Williams Offers Priceless Responses After Getting Arrested for Groping Unwilling Man

The Daily Beast has the most detailed account yet of the gay gropefest attempted recently by the wonderfully named pastor Gaylard Williams of Praise Cathedral Church in Seymour, Indiana.

Ten days ago,

Williams drove over to Cypress Lake, which attracts local fisherman trying to pull channel catfish and largemouth bass out of the drink.

If the allegations are true, he was looking for a largemouth of a different kind.

[He] began propositioning a younger man by the waterfront who was talking on his mobile phone, according to a police report. The younger man rolled down his window to receive the approaching Williams “to see what he wanted.” [T]he pastor allegedly “reached in and grabbed him.” …  Quizzed by cops, the younger man said Williams grabbed “everything” and “squeezed [his genitals] and he got a good handful.”

“I don’t swing that way,” the shocked recipient of Williams’ attention says he told the pastor.

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French Driver on a Rampage, Shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Injures 11 As He Plows His Car Into Five Different Crowds

Playing Carmageddon for Allah. From the Daily News:

A man who reportedly spent time in a psychiatric hospital shouted “Allahu akbar!” as he rammed his car into crowds at five different locations around Dijon in central France on Sunday, injuring 11 people in a half-hour rampage.

At least two people were critically injured in the attack by a 40-year-old man behind the wheel of a Renault Clio, who witnesses said was acting for the “children of Palestine” and yelled “God is great,” police said.

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Ken Ham is Angry That the Creation Museum Was Used as a Punchline on Saturday Night Live

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update segment featured the songwriting duo of Garth & Kat, who never seem to prepare their songs ahead of time. (You love ‘em or you don’t.)

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