Bernie Sanders Responds to DNC Email Leaks: “I Am Not An Atheist”

After Friday’s revelation that Democratic National Committee officials had discussed outing Bernie Sanders as an atheist in an effort to undermine his candidacy, Sanders responded directly to those accusations this morning on CNN.


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Christian Preacher Wants to Raise $455,000 Online… For What, I Don’t Know

Much like with televangelists, you shouldn’t donate to a Christian preacher via GoFundMe when he won’t tell you where that money is going.


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Tim Kaine Shows You Can Be a Catholic Without Governing Like One

Hillary Clinton‘s selection of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate may not make for exciting headlines, but it’s a strong pick for a number of reasons and doesn’t hurt her in any meaningful way. But one of the reasons his selection might raise eyebrows from progressives is that he constantly talks about his Catholic faith. The good news is that putting him in the White House doesn’t mean advancing irrational Catholic doctrine.


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In Southeast Texas, An Atheist Group is Helping a Homeless Camp in Ways Christians Are Not

A news station in Texas aired a depressing yet powerful segment yesterday about a local homeless camp. The piece about the tent city included sound bites from a woman who’s eight months pregnant and a man saying they “always need water.” It also included the founder of Southeast Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless, a group that frequently brings toiletries, food, clothes, and more to the area to help everyone get by.


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Cringeworthy Moments in the Life of an Atheist

BuzzFeed just posted a listicle of “21 Awkward Situations That’ll Make Non-Religious People Cringe.” I can’t say they all bug me as much as the writer, but there’s plenty to relate to.


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