Arkansas Mayor: Pray for Unknown Victims of Local Tragedy; “God Will Know Who You Are Talking About”

Last night, there was an explosion at an industrial plant in Arkansas. The fire is still burning and two people have been sent to a local hospital to treat their injuries.

I wish them a speedy and full recovery, and I hope no one else suffered from the blast. The only reason I’m posting this at all is because of the odd statement made by Camden Mayor Marie Trisollini: She probably wanted to say the thoughts and prayers of everyone in the city are with the injured.

But since the victims haven’t been identified publicly, she realized those prayers couldn’t be directed anywhere. No worries, though, she wrote on Facebook:


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A Longtime Christian Theocrat Was Defeated in His Kentucky Primary; The Nightmare is Over

Back in 2002, Kentucky legislators passed a law saying that “safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God.” In 2006, State Rep. Tom Riner, a long-time Democrat, stuck even more religious language in a new Homeland Security bill.


But after decades in the state legislature, Riner was defeated last week in his primary by a women who will become the “first African American woman to serve in Kentucky’s State Legislature in 20 years.”

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Christian Preacher Yells Inside Store As Part of Her “Target Pervert Revolution”

Screampreacher Angela Cummings, last seen yelling inside of a mostly empty Target store in New York, is back with another video of herself yelling inside of a mostly empty Target store in New York.


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Some Evangelicals Think Donald Trump Is One of Theirs… Because of How He Points During Rallies

We’ve recently seen that well-known evangelicals are getting ready to board the Trump train. Christian leaders like American Values president Gary Bauer, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, and Family Leader president Bob Vander Plaats will all be present to kiss the Donald’s ring at a closed-door meeting scheduled to be held in New York City next month.

The problem is that Trump, married three times, is known to be barely religious, so the Christianist supporters will have to get really creative to make their round peg fit Trump’s square hole (hold the jokes). That means looking for every indicator, no matter how far-fetched, that could demonstrate what a devout fan of God the blustery billionaire really is.

Well, guess what — they have their proof!


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There Are Now More Non-Religious People in England and Wales Than All Christians Combined

In a stunning analysis of the religious demographics in England and Wales (but not Scotland and Northern Ireland), Professor Stephen Bullivant of St Mary’s Catholic University in Twickenham found that the percentage of non-religious people has nearly doubled from just a few years ago.

In 2011, 25% of people in England/Wales considered themselves non-religious. By 2014, the latest year for which he had data, Bullivant found that number had skyrocketed to 48.5%.

There are now more people in those areas without religion than there are all Christians combined.


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