Is There a Doctor at This Anti-Vaccination Rally?

Given how many people at anti-vaccination rallies think they’re medical experts, you’d assume you’d find a lot of doctors there, right…?


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Women Can’t Withdraw Consent Once They Agree to Sex in North Carolina

A man who rapes a woman can’t be guilty of “rape” if she had previously agreed to the act, even if she then asks him to stop, under an outdated North Carolina law.


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I Didn’t Realize Communion Was Just Phase One

Who knew the body and blood of Christ were just the starting points for a much longer con?


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Maajid Nawaz is Suing the SPLC for Calling Him an “Anti-Muslim Extremist”

Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist who is now working to reform the faith, will sue the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation for putting him on a list of “anti-Muslim extremists.”

He made the announcement during tonight’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.


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Dave Daubenmire to Christians: Get Angrier or “Your Grandkid is Gonna Be a Homo”

Everyone’s at peak angry right now.

But Christian activist Dave Daubenmire wants Christians to get even angrier. Or else their grandchildren will get it. (And by it, he means The Gay.)


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