Salman Abedi Identified As Manchester Bomber, ISIS Claims Responsibility

British authorities say Salman Abedi has been arrested and that he was known to British intelligence. However, there are holes in the claim by ISIS that the terrorist group was involved in the attack.


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Atheists Struggling With Alcohol Addiction Shouldn’t Have to Go Through Religious Rehab

Some atheists have filed (successful) lawsuits to get out of court-ordered religious drug treatment programs… but they shouldn’t have to do that for such a sensible request.


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The Arizona Democratic Party Has Approved the Formation of a Secular Caucus

Due to the group’s popularity among Democratic committee members, the Secular Caucus will get to vote on which ideas the Party (and the candidates it supports) will fight for in the future.


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See? I Told You the Earth Wasn’t Flat

It’s sad that we need explainers for how we know the Earth isn’t flat… but this video is still worth watching.


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Podcast Ep. 163: Maggie Rowe, Actress and Author of Sin Bravely

I spoke with her about the “spiritual terrorism” of teaching kids about Hell, what someone with a Christian upbringing notices in a comedy writers’ room, and how long it took to finally overcome her faith-based guilt.


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