Atheists Counter Iowa Governor’s Bible Reading Proclamation By Reading Anti-Religious Books Aloud

About a month ago, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed a proclamation urging citizens to “read through the Bible on a daily basis each year until the Lord comes.” He was referring to a “99 County Bible Reading Marathon” taking place over this long weekend in front of all the county courthouses in the state.

Two Iowan atheists are responding by showing up at several courthouses in Northeast Iowa, reading excerpts from books critical of the Bible.


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Donald Trump Says He’s “Looking At” Banning Muslims from Working for Airport Security

When a woman at a Donald Trump rally yesterday said that Muslims should be banned from working for airport security, Trump, instead of shutting down her anti-Muslim bigotry, said he’d consider it.


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God’s Not Dead Actor Kevin Sorbo: Jesus Would Vote for Donald Trump

Kevin Sorbo, the God’s Not Dead actor who seems to think the film was a documentary, told TMZ yesterday that Jesus would totally vote for Donald Trump because he’s the “lesser of two evils.”


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Listen to This Adorable Five-Year-Old Explain How Tornados Work

Step aside, Bill Nye. We have found your replacement and he’s a five-year-old named Oliver.


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It Took Born Again Christian Donald Trump 3 Days to Comment on the Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling

It took Donald Trump, who was wooing evangelicals as recently as last week, three days to finally chime in on the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. Not exactly what you’d expect from a born again Christian…


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