Irish Christian Bakers Lose Discrimination Case After Refusing to Make Cake with Pro-LGBT Message

In Northern Ireland, a Christian couple that refused to bake a cake with the message “Support Gay Marriage,” and were then hit with a discrimination lawsuit, have lost their appeal.

Colin and Karen McArthur‘s “Christian values” don’t supersede serving their customers. They have no right to refuse service to a gay man just because he requested an LGBT-affirming message on a cake.


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Virginia Pastor and Wife Arrested After Allegedly Defrauding Church Members of $1.2 Million

A Christian couple ran a church. They took in lots of money in order to help the less fortunate… and then used it to help themselves. At this point, these stories are a dime a dozen.

But it’s still worth talking about if for no other reason than it reminds people that faith is not a virtue, and religion can sometimes be a con game.


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Alberta Government Shuts Down Private Christian School After Alleged Mismanagement of Funding

In Alberta, Canada, where religious schools often receive public funding, a Christian school has been shut down by the government for shady practices.


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Catholic Church Has New Guidelines on Cremation (Because Controlling You During Life Isn’t Enough)

The Vatican just issued new guidelines about how to handle cremations, which have become increasingly popular even among Catholics who choose that route over more traditional burials. But the rules, as expected, are unnecessarily irrational.


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ACLU Sues Catholic Health System for Denying Crucial Surgery to Pregnant Woman with Brain Tumor

The ACLU is suing a Catholic health care provider after they denied a doctor-recommended tubal ligation to a pregnant woman who had a brain tumor.


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