Despite Legal Euthanasia, Canadian Catholic Doctors Did Nothing as an Old Man Suffered

Even though physician-assisted death is now legal in Canada, doctors at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver refused to help 87-year-old Ian Shearer die peacefully, choosing instead to watch him suffer in excruciating pain in what would be the final hours of his life.


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This App Sends Out Thoughts and Prayers After a Tragedy So You Don’t Have to Do Anything Meaningful

Just in time for the next horrific tragedy!


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Kentucky Student Says His Car Window Was Smashed In Because He Had a Poem About Atheism on the Seat

A woman named Brittani wrote a poem called “What God Needs” for her Creative Writing class at a college in Paducah, Kentucky. It’s a piece that clearly has an atheist bent, referring to “A daughter with lymphoma” and “An ethics class, maybe three.”

Her boyfriend Aaron had a copy of it lying in his car where anyone could see it… and did I mention this was in Kentucky?

When he woke up yesterday morning, his window was smashed in, a brick was in the car, and someone had scribbled a nasty message on his copy of Brittani’s poem.


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Did a Priest Violate the Law By Endorsing “The Ego” Over “Lady MacBeth” on Church’s Website?

If a Catholic priest from Arizona tells people how to vote on the Church’s website, should their tax exemption be challenged?

Pastor John Bonavitacola, who heads up Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, made his views explicitly clear in a blog post this week, in which he suggested a preference for Donald Trump (“The Ego”) over Hillary Clinton (“Lady MacBeth”):


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Creationist Ken Ham: Public Schools “Impose the Religion of Secular Humanism” on Kids

There’s this absurd mindset in conservative Christian circles that neutrality with regards to religion is somehow anti-religious. If people in positions of power aren’t preaching Christianity left and right, there’s anti-Christian bias afoot.

The concept of a pluralistic society where people of different beliefs can live and work together means nothing to them.

Case in point: Creationist Ken Ham on Twitter this morning desperately trying to condemn public schools:


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