Walmart Shopper Assaults Father Who Brought His 5-Year-Old Daughter Into the Men’s Room

Given the hateful rhetoric of the Religious Right when it comes to trans people using gender-appropriate bathrooms, it’s hardly surprising that some people are freaking out over the subject. But that fear is now crossing over into even innocuous bathroom incidents.

When Utah father Christopher Adams was out shopping at a Walmart this past weekend with his daughter and son (ages 5 and 7, respectfully) and they both had to use the bathroom, the easiest thing to do was take them with him into the men’s room.


But one shopper, unable to handle a girl in the men’s room, took the law into his own hands:

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In Egypt, This Is What a Muslim Mob Did To a 70-Year-Old Woman of the Wrong Religion

Christians are a minority in Egypt, making up only about 10 percent of the population. As we’ve seen so often, religious majorities tend to roughshod over numerically weaker faith groups… and so it was in this case.

“A 70-year-old Christian woman [below, center, meeting with church elders] [was] stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.”


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House Republican Uses Bible to Condemn Colleagues Supporting a Pro-LGBT Amendment to Spending Bill

It’s no surprise that House Republicans can’t seem to get anything done, but it looks like they’ll pull together if it means discriminating against LGBT people.

Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA)

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Islamic Council In Pakistan Instructs Muslims On How To Better Beat Their Wives

One feature shared by patriarchal religions is that men are often trying to figure out how hard and with what objects they may hit “inferior” people like their children or wives.

It is in that proud tradition that, even in the twenty-first century (or, fittingly, in the fifteenth century if you’re a Muslim), some prominent adherents of Islam still advocate wife-beating as a matter of theology.


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New Jehovah’s Witnesses Video Shows Parents How to Shun Their Disobedient Child For Life

In a truly disturbing video shown by the Jehovah’s Witnesses at their summer regional conferences, a mother and father cut all ties with their disobedient daughter. They don’t talk to her. They don’t answer her phone calls. And they blame their own mental anguish on her. They keep it up because they believe it’s the only way she’ll return to the faith.

A Spanish-language version of the video was recently leaked and the video below includes English captions:


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