I’m on an Ark!

Phil Ferguson has an entertaining idea for the Creation Museum’s Governor-approved, soon-to-be Ark Park: Once they get done building the Ark in Kentucky…. Go there and make a music video… I’m On An Ark! Try to include as much bible and Noah talk as possible. A skeptic-themed video, mind you. Not like “Baby Got Book.” [Read More...]

Calling All Apostates

Christianity Today recently published a promising-but-ultimately-disappointing article called “The Leavers” about why young people are leaving the church. One of the reason we leave? Our morals: A teenage girl goes off to college and starts to party. A young man moves in with his girlfriend. Soon the conflict between belief and behavior becomes unbearable. Tired [Read More...]

What is the Future of Atheism?

A couple weeks ago, I was at Pomona College in Claremont, California for a panel discussion on “the Future of Atheism.” The other panelists were Dave Silverman (president of American Atheists and FOX News staple this past week) and Chris Mooney (bestselling author and notable accommodationist). The audio for that discussion is now available as [Read More...]

Was Dave Silverman on Fox News Again?!

Yep. The American Atheists billboard got even more attention on Fox: I thought he did a great job here. Highlight for me is at the 6:15 mark for about a minute… when told that the AA billboard is offensive, Dave asks whether the panel would be offended by billboards that say, ” Atheists will burn [Read More...]

I Won’t Ride a Bus with Atheist Advertising On It!

Church officials are supporting a bus boycott in Fort Worth, Texas because the Transit Authority is allowing atheist ads to go on the sides of four buses for one month. Ministers Justice Coalition of Texas thinks in the wake of the controversial campaign, the T should get rid of all religious ads. “We have requested [Read More...]