Visiting Dartmouth This Weekend

This weekend, I’m speaking at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire! If you’re in the area, please consider stopping by Who: Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics (AHA!) at Dartmouth Where: 001 Rockefeller Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH When: 10/23/10, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. The event is free and I accept all presents. Also, what does one do in [Read More...]

Aggie Conservatives on Islam…

Reader Mark received this pamphlet on the campus of Texas A&M — it was from the Aggie Conservatives and it references Islam’s treatment of women Slightly better (but modified) versions of those images can be found here and here. I think they’re actually right in one respect — Islam is too often anti-woman. I can’t [Read More...]

Freethinkers Respond to Ignorance About Humanist Chaplains

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an op-ed piece in which people at Tufts University declared their desire for their own Humanist Chaplain. The Primary Source, a conservative magazine on campus, has pushed back and mischaracterized the position. Thankfully, Stephen Goemen and David Johnson of the Tufts Freethought Society are there to respond: … Do [Read More...]

A Couple Victories for the Church/State Separation Crowd

Some good news on the church/state separation front: Soddy-Daisy High School in Tennessee will stop broadcasting Christian prayers during football games and graduation ceremonies. You would think the administrators and school board members would know better than to break the law, but when you hear their responses to the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s legal victory, [Read More...]

When Christians Get Bullied By Gays…

Mike Adams at wrote one of the worst pieces you will ever read regarding the Christian response to the recent suicides in the GLBT community. He refers to eight different incidents, including the following: Graham was a freshman at a university in North Carolina. He was taking a class in the political science department [Read More...]