Atheists Celebrating Independence Day

Monica Hesse of the Washington Post has a wonderful light-hearted piece about atheists celebrating Independence Day, one of the few major holidays that isn’t based in religion. She attended a party in Washington, D.C. where several local atheists got together. The piece focuses on the party, but it also uses it as a setup to [Read More...]

Ask Richard: I Want to Stop My Nephew’s Interest in Religion

Hi, Help. I’ve just discovered through his Facebook page that my distant nephew who I don’t know well is wasting his life and education apparently. His page says he’ll be studying Political Science and Theology in college. I was afraid his parents reading him the Bible daily when he visited my parent’s home with them [Read More...]

It’s Not Really a Face

The atheist webcomic Cectic is back after a year-and-a-half hiatus! Welcome back, Rudis [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Gives Away Over $20,000 During Second Quarter

Foundation Beyond Belief, a non-profit group I work with that encourages atheists to give to charities, just wrapped up its second quarter, and our members have outdone themselves. At the end of March, we were able to report that our beneficiaries received a total of $12,500. Now, at the end of June, we can say [Read More...]

Is It Child Abuse?

I think it’s silly that the woman in the video below is proselytizing at the mall. I think it’s absurd to think her questions are actually going to get people to convert (or even think about it). I don’t care that someone is videotaping the conversations. But I stopped rolling my eyes when I saw [Read More...]