Evangelical Christian Radio Host Says ‘Tax Atheists Who Don’t Go To Church!’

Radio host Bryan Fischer received a very interesting email yesterday from an anonymous listener who had, in Fischer’s own words, “a brilliant, brilliant idea.” Observe: We talk frequently on this program about how people who have an active, vibrant spiritual life are healthier.  They live longer, they are healthier, and they are happier.  Their physical health [Read More…]

Describe The 700 Club for Me…

A reader passes along what may be the most appropriate description of Christian television ever seen: [Read more…]

Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s Son Talks to Mike Huckabee About His Conversion to Christianity

Mike Huckabee recently interviewed William J. Murray, the author of My Life Without God. Murray is the son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, whose Supreme Court case took mandatory prayer out of public school and led to her being called “The Most Hated Woman in America.” Even though his mother was hard-core about her atheism (and [Read More…]

Palestinians Should ‘Fear’ Romney

The election in November between President Obama and Mitt Romney could have important consequences for the peace process. I believe that the uncertainty over who will win the election could and perhaps should convince the Palestinians that it would be in their own best interest to restart the peace process as soon as possible. Those [Read More…]

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in Omaha

The Omaha Coalition of Reason in Nebraska just put up this billboard to promote the Midwest Freethought Conference taking place in early August: You know, there’s probably a point where these billboards will become ineffective… but it clearly hasn’t happened yet. So kudos to OmahaCoR for putting this sign up. They get coverage in every [Read More…]