Will the Evangelical Vote Decide the American Idol Winner?

I haven’t been watching American Idol this season, which I think puts me in another minority group. But with the finale coming up tonight, it’s interesting to point out that the two people in the finals are a gay rocker (Adam Lambert) and an Evangelical Christian worship leader (Kris Allen). They get along amazingly well [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins’ New Book Now Available for Pre-Order

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is Richard Dawkin‘s next book — it’s scheduled to be released on September 29th. I’ve said this before, but I grew to love Dawkins’ writing after I read The Ancestor’s Tale, not The God Delusion. He has a way of communicating scientific ideas that is second [Read More...]

When Should Pastors Call It Quits?

I wonder how many pastors find themselves in these shoes… … and how many of them choose to stay in the pulpit despite their doubts? (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Destroying a Creationist Argument with One Word

This video from Eric Hovind (Kent Hovind‘s son) encapsulates every Creationist argument in a nutshell. If you can’t think of the answer, God did it. Their ignorance is proof of God’s work. How to destroy their argument in a word? Wikipedia. You know, if you have a full minute, it might be useful to take [Read More...]

Common Christian Arguments for God and Why Don’t They Don’t Work

Zack Ford wrote up a list of common arguments he hears his Christian friends making in favor of a god and why they don’t work. He’s found that their arguments fall into a handful of categories or memes: “It’s true because I believe it.” — The “Truth” Meme “These are my beliefs, so you need [Read More...]