Who Are Your Famous Friends?

I’m stealing this idea from Mental Floss. Why? Because it’s awesome and because a lot of commenters on this site have come to know each other so this may be entertaining to do. And because it’s always fun to stalk people. Send in your favorite pictures of yourself with a celebrity! — author, TV/movie star, [Read More...]

Darwin Day Celebrations in Ohio Met with Resistance

Looks like Columbus, Ohio has 903223 Darwin Day events going on throughout the area. I’m jealous. The celebrations are not without some controversy, of course. [Whitehall] Councilwoman Jacquelyn Thompson originally suggested declaring Feb. 12 Darwin Day in honor of the 200th birthday of the man who conceived the theory of evolution. However, she watered it [Read More...]

Do Atheists Ever Get Lonely?

I live on my own in an apartment. One of my work colleagues just bought his own place over the summer. He’s also a single guy. He knows I’m an atheist. He threw out a random question last week: “Hemant, if you don’t believe in God, do you ever get lonely?” It took me by [Read More...]

At Least He Admits It

Ray Comfort comments on the video that made him (in)famous to atheists online: I was introduced on a radio interview recently as being “internationally hated by atheists.” To what do I attribute this great honor? Obviously, to my dumb banana video. It spread my name like soft and tasteless butter all over the world. And [Read More...]

Filipino Freethinkers

It’s always scary to plan a gathering for atheists. You don’t know how many people will attend, or what they’ll be like, or if they’ll enjoy meeting the others. It’s always nice, though, to hear of first meetings that are successful. Benj and Red helped put together a gathering for the Filipino Freethinkers in one [Read More...]