Greenwood High School Tries to Circumvent Injunction Against Graduation Prayer

Greenwood High School in Indiana put a graduation prayer up to a vote a couple months ago. Students voted yes, so Constitution be damned, right? Not exactly. A wise judge said no — she issued an injunction against the school so they couldn’t say a prayer. So there you have it. No prayer during graduation, [Read More...] Will Soon Be Under Dawkins’ Control

If you’ve ever visited Richard Dawkins‘ website, you may have wondered why the URL was Dot Net? Why did that happen? Presumably because was taken. The owner of claimed that he was using the domain name merely as a fan site for Dawkins. There were affiliate links on the web site that [Read More...]

ExMormon Now Available

C.L. Hanson is an ex-Mormon and the author of the excellent blog Letters From a Broad…. Her new book about growing up Mormon, ExMormon, is finally available on Amazon: If you’re raised Mormon, you have a plan all laid out for you: baptism at age eight, meetings every week, scouting and the priesthood (if you’re [Read More...]

Ask Richard: My Atheist Husband Has Secretly Become a Christian

My husband and I have been a part of each other’s lives since high school, have been married almost 20 years and have children. When we wed and for most of our married life, we were both atheists. Open, honest communication and shared beliefs were the cornerstone of our relationship. Last year he told me [Read More...]

South Dakota’s Tea Party Candidate for Governor Tells Churches to Endorse Him

The South Dakota Republican gubernatorial primary is being held in a couple weeks. One of the candidates is Gordon Howie, the Tea Party candidate. He doesn’t have the most money, but he thinks he still has a fighting chance: Of the five GOP candidates for governor, the two with all the money are Lt. Gov. [Read More...]