Illinois Family Institute: The Newtown Shooter Had ‘Hatred Toward God’

This message is brought to you by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. and endorsed by the Illinois Family Institute, a loving, caring, conservative Christian group: [Read more…]

American Humanist Association Issues Statement on Newtown Shooting

Just released from the American Humanist Association: [Read more…]

Christian Theologian John Piper: The Newtown Murders Are a Warning from God to See Our Souls as Depraved

Here’s Christian theologian John Piper talking out of his ass about the Newtown shootings: [Read more…]

What Can Atheists Do When Horrible Things Happen?

When horrible, seemingly unpredictable, chaotic things happen, what can atheists do about it to help?

We can’t pray. We can only do. But what actions can we take? [Read more…]

God Isn’t Always the Answer

It’s obvious to everyone else… [Read more…]