Atheists Draw Christian Followers

Recently, the Dallas – Forth Worth Coalition of Reason put up a generally well-received bus ad: It’s completely positive. It says that people like us exist. But that notion was enough to offend some local Christians. They suggested boycotting the buses until the atheist ads were removed. Despite being offered the chance to pay for [Read More...]

Are Christians Really Oppressed?

Take a famous essay on privilege (PDF), apply it to religion, add Christmas music, ask whether Christians are really being “oppressed” this holiday season, and you get this simple-but-insightful video: Christians aren’t oppressed over Christmas. And they’re certainly not oppressed in America. They have damn near every privilege you can imagine. That’s why it’s so [Read More...]

I Also Like Cee-Lo’s Version…

NSFW… but very entertaining (via Chicagoist — Thanks to Jodie for the link!) [Read more...]

A Bible I Would Read

Well. this is one way to get people to read the Bible… just Hipster-ize it: Too bad there are only a few pages available. Someone needs to flesh this thing out! While you’re at it, please flesh out Edward Tarte‘s “honest” version of the Bible — you have to wonder why it wasn’t written this [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Religious Blackmail Part 1 of 2: Emotional

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I grew up Catholic and my parents are pretty devout Catholics. I was skeptical for a long time, but I finally called myself an atheist after I had been living by myself at college. I haven’t had the guts to tell them this, [Read More...]