Give the Holy Books a Resting Place

Why burn the Koran or desecrate the Bible when you can bury them with good reason? Right now, the pages swell with moisture, the fibers separate and the chapters turn into pulpy masses. Bacteria bloom and their colonies expand; fungi flourish and their hyphae infiltrate and convert cellulose into spores. The ink runs as nematodes [Read More...]

Elisha and the Bears: The Animated Version

I’m sure a lot of Christians would like to know: Where were these cartoons when they were in Sunday School? They’re *so* much more memorable than the cheesy stuff that usually passes for Christian entertainment… (via TheThinkingAtheist) [Read more...]

The Kid Gives Me Hope

There’s a site called Kids Give Me Hope that’s basically the opposite of FMyLife. It features short stories that do exactly what you think they do. Reader Lauren pointed out this lovely recent submission: My eight-year-old sister overheard my mother yelling at me because I’m not Christian. Before bed, I watched her kneel and pray. [Read More...]

Don’t Go Against God’s Will!

The comic Married to the Sea takes public domain images and adds captions to them. This one seems especially relevant to the conversation on this site: Obviously, trying to limit damages in the wake of a natural disaster will invoke the wrath of God. You’re trying to circumvent His will. It’s futile to do anything [Read More...]

Hijab vs. Habit

The cartoon (I can’t find the source) makes an excellent point: As one blogger puts it: There’s different views on the Islamic dress for women. Some say it’s very much an oppressive set of clothing that is forced upon women. Now yes, there are cases like that, but you can point to any organized religion [Read More...]