What is Jainism?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series discusses Jainism, the religion in which I was raised and that held its annual convention last week in Detroit, Michigan.

In the video, I reference an old post detailing my problems with Jainism and you can read that post here.

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They Get a Merit Badge for That, Right?

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11-Year-Old Unable to have Abortion in Chile Because of Jesus

If there were ever a situation in which both conservatives and liberals could agree that abortion is the right choice, it is this one.

11-year-old Belén is pregnant after being continually raped by her stepfather. Due to her young age, both her and the fetus’ life are at risk. However, abortion is not legal in her native county of Chile, where Catholic and conservative forces dominate.

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Spreading Christianity on the Sly: Chinese Students in U.S. Get Unexpected ‘Bonus’ of Church Teachings

How would this be for an appeal to foreign students? “Come to America for language immersion classes! Bonus: Free lessons in Christianity!”

I wouldn’t have the slightest problem with that — the cards are on the table, after all, so people can make up their own minds about whether or not the offer is attractive to them.

But that’s not not how it worked for almost three dozen Chinese students who’d traveled to the U.S. for English immersion classes. Neither they nor their parents were informed that the curriculum would involve a serious dose of Christianity, and that a Christian church was the main host for the program. Instead, the trip was pitched as a chance for the teenagers to practice English while immersed in American life.

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Ask an Atheist Radio Show Goes On Tour

Sam Mulvey and Becky Friedman of the Tacoma-based radio show Ask An Atheist are taking the broadcast on a roadshow tour across America.  They will be stopping in eight cities over the span of a month. Visit their website for complete schedule details as well as their day-by-day audio diary of the trip.

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