It’s a Bad Question…

Jason Boyett — a Christian who admits to having doubts about aspects of his faith — proposes a simple question on his site: (I’m paraphrasing) Is it better to believe in God but live like you don’t or not believe in God but live like you do? Or, phrased another way (in his words), “What’s [Read More...]

Center For Inquiry Launches ‘Living Without Religion’ Campaign

The Center For Inquiry is beginning an ad campaign of their own this week, letting people know “You don’t need God — to hope, to care, to love, to live.” The ads can now be seen in Washington, D.C. on 15 buses and at two Metro stations. Billboards will go up in Indianapolis and Houston [Read More...]

Rock Beyond Belief Set for April 2

***Update***: I’m not sure what’s going on, but this post on the RBB site sounds very troubling. … Rock Beyond Belief, a festival for non-religious members of our military (go Foxhole Atheists!), now has a firm date: April 2nd. Richard Dawkins is set to headline the event and there are several other secular speakers and [Read More...]

Another Way To Review a Church

When I went to churches, I only wrote about my experiences there. I should’ve gone one step further and asked to write their bulletins like Rat in Pearls Before Swine: That’s where all the real power is… [Read more...]

ACLU of Virginia Defends Christian Students

You hear all the time that the ACLU is just a group of liberal atheists, but members of the organization (I’m one of them) and those who simply pay attention to what they do know otherwise. Case in point: Christian athletes at Floyd County High School in Virginia put copies of the Ten Commandments up [Read More...]