Forget Tebowing; Try Thinkering

Dave Silverman models the pose: What’s the difference between Tebowing and Thinkering? Dave responds: The difference is we don’t bow our heads in blind submission, rather we consider and conclude for ourselves. I’m sure a website dedicated to Thinkering will be created in 5… 4… 3… [Read more...]

Happy Woo-Woo Year!

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Get Yourself and Your Children Vaccinated

Steven Weinreb suffers from chronic lymphocytic leukemia and has new white blood cells in his body, making him vulnerable to diseases the rest of us don’t have to worry about. So he makes an important plea in today’s New York Times: … if 75 percent to 95 percent of the population around us is vaccinated [Read More...]

Why All the Focus on Tim Tebow?

The brilliant journalist Tom Junod tackles the question of why so many Americans are transfixed with quarterback and one-man-spokesperson-for-Christianity Tim Tebow and writes that, without the Christian storyline, Tebow would hardly be the athlete people are making him out to be: … [Tebow is] strong, so he can shot-put and corkscrew the ball all over [Read More...]

In Texas, Nativity Scenes Are Illegally Popping Up in Front of a Couple Courthouses

There’s a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn in Athens, Texas and the Freedom From Religion Foundation says 1) it must be taken down or 2) their own banner must be put up alongside it. Neither is acceptable to the locals — as if that matters — and last weekend, they staged a rally in [Read More...]