Atheists on Cover of Chicago Tribune Magazine

Yesterday, I mentioned that Chicago Tribune article about college atheists, but it was a different level of excitement altogether when I saw it was the cover story in the Tribune magazine. How cool is that?! And yay for pull-out quotations: I saw my mom today after she had read the article. She could sense I [Read More...]

Father Wants Biology Textbook Banned because it Refers to Creationism as Myth

When I was in seventh and eighth grades, I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and attended Farragut Middle School. I *loved* it there and was eager to start life at Farragut High School. But my family moved to Chicago the week before high school started. I’ve mentioned before that that move was what initially got me [Read More...]

Tea Party Jesus!

What happens when you combine the words of Christian Tea Partiers with paintings of Christ? Tea Party Jesus! All the pictures on the site link to a source citing the Tea Partier who said the words. It’s an important point to drive home: The Tea Party members who are Christians say things that would sound [Read More...]

What Would It Take to Remove This Pope?

The latest on the Catholic Church Childraping scandal is that the Pope didn’t do anything about the problems when he had the chance: The future Pope Benedict XVI resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children, citing concerns including “the good of the universal church,” according to a 1985 [Read More...]

Chicago Tribune Article on College Atheists

Chicago Tribune reporter Nara Schoenberg has a wonderful article about being “young and atheist” in today’s paper — she literally writes about “new atheists.” It’s one of the most positive mainstream pieces I’ve read about the college atheism movement. Twenty years ago a public meeting of atheists and their allies at a large public university [Read More...]