Harold Camping’s Predicting Secret

Crispian Jago figured out how Harold Camping predicts the important events in the world! October 21st. Got it. End of the world? Sure, why not. (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

Boxer Pacquiao Fights Against Condom Usage

Manny Pacquiao may be a superstar in the boxing ring, but he’s an embarrassment as a politician. Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives in the Philippines last year and he’s finally entered into a debate on a controversial issue: Contraception. Pacquiao wants to stop the government from issuing condoms to people who can’t [Read More...]

Christian Pastor: The Rapture Guy Was Wrong Because He Gave a Specific Date

Why does preacher Will Graham (grandson of Billy Graham) deserve any more respect than Harold Camping after statements like this? “The end of the world didn’t happen yesterday,” Graham said Sunday night, according to [the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association], “but Jesus is returning. God will bring this present world to a close. Time will come [Read More...]

We Can Say This At Graduation, Right?

Forget the Lord’s Prayer. Mike Lee created the Blasphemer’s Prayer: Works for me! [Read more...]

Support for Gay Marriage Hits a New Milestone

For the first time ever, support for gay marriage (and the rights that come with it) is in the majority. According to Gallup: Andrew Sullivan puts this in context: To go from 41 points behind to 8 points ahead in a decade and a half must count as one of the most successful political and [Read More...]