Bill Maher Debates the Bible with Bill O’Reilly

How do you know you’re an atheist? You watch Bill O’Reilly‘s interview with Bill Maher and realize there’s nothing here you haven’t heard 3208423 times before. I think my reactions mirrored Maher’s the whole way through. Really? That’s the argument you’re going with? It’s so overused… It’s not even worth my time to give you [Read More...]

Where Did the Golden Rule Come From?

What? You mean the Golden Rule didn’t originate with Christianity…? (via Atheist Comics) [Read more...]

Metro State Atheists Get Press for Food Drive

The Metro State Atheists in Colorado recently held a Food for Freethought drive in which people gave them non-perishable foods (to be donated) in exchange for banned books. The Denver Post‘s Electa Draper wrote an excellent article about the event: It’s not enough that a national survey released Tuesday found atheists were the highest-scoring group [Read More...]

The New York Times on CFI’s ‘Deeper Division’

The Center for Inquiry is making news… but it’s not positive publicity. The New York Times has a story in Saturday’s paper about the CFI rift that’s been happening for a while now and isn’t much of a surprise to people who know the players. It’s only disappointing because instead of focusing on a lot [Read More...]

David Hayward’s First Book is Out!

I post cartoons by David Hayward on this site all the time. He’s a wonderful critic of the church, though, make no mistake, he’s a proud Christian. He just released his first book, nakedpastor 101 and I encourage all of you to pick it up. You can buy it as an eBook or paperback right [Read More...]