Guess Who Else Adopted a Highway?

The Omaha Atheists have a highway of their own! Hmm… I wonder what the longest stretch of atheist-cleaned road is in America. (Thanks to Brian for the link!) [Read more...]

A Wave of Reason

The Symphony of Science is back: Atheists, scientists, and other voices of reason, all auto-tuned for your pleasure: John Boswell is the person responsible for these videos; if you don’t subscribe to him already, fix that now. (Thanks to awesomesauce for the link!) [Read more...]

Is There a Better Word Than ‘Anti-Theist’?

Claudia, an atheist, has been having a discussion with a theist, and she wants to pose a question to all of you. But first, some background: We are atheists… most of us who are vocal about it also have very specific (and negative) views about religion. The budding atheist “movement” centers around defending secularism and [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief: Challenge the Gap

The organization I chair, Foundation Beyond Belief, has faced an important dilemma during our first year of existence. We obviously want to encourage atheist donors to give to secular charities. At the same time, we want to be able to support groups run by religious organizations, if they’re also doing secular work (as long as [Read More...]

I’m on an Ark!

Phil Ferguson has an entertaining idea for the Creation Museum’s Governor-approved, soon-to-be Ark Park: Once they get done building the Ark in Kentucky…. Go there and make a music video… I’m On An Ark! Try to include as much bible and Noah talk as possible. A skeptic-themed video, mind you. Not like “Baby Got Book.” [Read More...]